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Write a persuasive letter to convince my employer that despite the color-blind deficiency, I can perform my job with or without accommodation. I have mild color-blind deficiency. The position is at the airport. I need the writer to think deeply of things that engage/involve colors at the airport when dealing with passengers, cargo, etc.
The writer must state that I request a waiver as instructed in one of the files attached.
I have attached some letters from Drs and others where I was given a medical clearance, the writer can mention/include this in the statement.
The position is a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officer in Los Angeles, CA. The CBP is under the Department of Homeland Security. The writer can include that this was my MA major “Criminal Justice and Homeland Security”. Some of the courses I successfully accomplished are:
Legal Issues in Homeland Security
Homeland Security Capstone
Hazard Mitigation
Under Terror & Homeland Security
Foundations Homeland Security
Management in Criminal Justice
Leadership, Ethics & Policing
Homeland Security Organization and Management.

Sample Solution

Social Adjustment Social modification is an exertion made by a person to adapt to principles, qualities and requirements of a general public so as to be acknowledged. It very well may be characterized as a mental procedure. It includes adapting to new standard and worth. In the specialized language of brain science “coexisting with the individuals from society as well as can be expected” is called modification. Analysts frequently utilize the term change in accordance with depict different sorts of social and relational relations in the public eye. In this way, change can be alluded to as the response to the requests and weights of a social setting forced upon the person. Social alteration is an endeavor made by a person to address the principles, qualities and wants of a general public in order to be acknowledged. It is regularly alluded as a mental technique. It includes managing new guidelines and qualities. In the logical language utilized in brain research, ‘ coexisting with the individuals from society as well as can be expected’ is named as modification. Social aptitudes alludes to explicit arrangement of capacities including perception , verbal and non verbal conduct that are required for compelling social execution. Then again, social fitness, is alluded as generally capacity of the patient to affect well on his/her social setting. In conclusion, social modification is said to be the real gathering of instrumental and affiliative wants that is viewed as the common result of social competency. Social working has more than once been seen as less fortunate in schizophrenia than in patients with other mental issues and such working is a significant indicator of the course and result of the condition (Philips, 1953, Kay and Lindenmayer, 1987). Patients with schizophrenia have articulated deficiencies in social aptitudes (Argyle, 1981; Boswell and Murray , 1981). Social brokenness is a significant element in this issue has crucial ramifications for the advancement, course and result of the disease. (Couture, Penn and Roberts , 2006). It be accepted that decrement in social working speaks to a zone that is not quite the same as the positive and negative side effects (Lenzenweger and Dworkin, 1996; Lenzenweger, Dworkin and Wethington, 1991). These social shortages happen in the underlying phases of the ailment and hostile to crazy medications are more successful on the positive side effects than social decay. Besides, it is simply the social deficiencies that generally exacerbate the course of the ailment and may prompt a backslide. Schizophrenia is an incessant state of mind frequently identified with debilitation of social working. Such misfortunes may shift among individuals and all through the course of the disease. The evaluation of social working is in this manner important to get a handle on the social effect of the turmoil and to assess the impact of meds and psychosocial mediations so as to improve the social execution, either as a major aspect of diagnostic system or routine clinical development. Deficiencies in psychosocial working are the trademark in schizophrenia. It very well may be identified in its underlying stages. Shortfalls incorporate poor social association, troubles in keeping up associations with loved ones, and additionally insufficient execution in the working environment. Shortfalls in social alteration is likewise found in people with Bipolar Disorder. In any case, it isn’t as serious as found in people with schizophrenia. Since people with bipolar issue show extraordinary emotional episodes of insanity and melancholy, subsequently they can’t work socially. Likewise, sadness additionally assumes a significant job in both the disarranges and in this manner shortages in social working are available. Wretchedness Wretchedness likewise called significant sadness, clinical gloom or significant burdensome issue is an ailment that causes a nonstop sentiment of frustration and absence of intrigue. Wretchedness influences the manner in which the individual feels, carries on and thinks. It can cause passionate and physical issues. For the most part, discouraged individuals experience issues performing every day exercises and may likewise encounter that life isn’t sufficient to live. Feeling miserable or what we will in general call ‘discouraged’ happens to each person. In any case, individuals with this condition notice that their state meddles with their regular daily existence. Their ordinary working is undermined to such a level, that both themselves and their guardians are influenced by it. It is a deception that downturn is more pervasive among ladies than men. An investigation distributed in JAMA Psychiatry (August 2013 issue) demonstrated that downturn influences 30.6 % guys and 33.3% females. This shows there is no huge distinction. Numerous individuals with gloom never look for treatment. However, larger part of patients incorporating those with most extreme wretchedness, can be dealt with. Prescriptions, psychotherapies and different strategies can successfully treat people with despondency. Wretchedness regularly happens as a side effect in schizophrenia. Nowadays it is commonly under perceived and under treated however generally such manifestations were the principle focuses of consideration. Kraeplin perceived the significance of wretchedness as a principle highlight in schizophrenia and distinguished numerous burdensome sub sorts of the sickness. Mayer-Gross worried on the despondency that regularly happens as a mental response to intense insane scenes and Bleuler respected sadness to be one among the center indications of schizophrenia (Advances in Psychiatric Treatment (2000)). The noteworthiness of despondency in schizophrenia has been acquired by its applied and operational cover with the negative manifestations found in the confusion. Sentiments of blame and thoughts of suicide might be characteristic of despondency. In any case, highlights like psychomotor impediment, disabled capacity to focus, and diminished intrigue, joy, vitality, or inspiration can be a piece of negative just as burdensome symtomatology. While various creators have proposed a solid connection among burdensome and negative side effects of schizophrenia, others have revealed extensively higher relationships among’s downturn and positive side effects in contrast with the negative ones (J Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci. 2008 ; 20(4): 431’440. ). Burdensome side effects in schizophrenia are fundamental not exclusively in light of the fact that they contribute significantly to the enduring brought about by the condition, regardless of whether ‘ positive’ maniacal manifestations are dynamic or calm, yet in addition since they increment deficiencies in mental working and frequently lead to endeavored and finished suicide. It is important to characterize and clinically evaluate such indications cautiously since there is developing proof that they can be dealt with effectively. About quarter of people with schizophrenia meet the criteria with schizophrenia for a burdensome issue during some time in their lives. Moreover, burdensome manifestations in schizophrenia is related with trouble particularly those including misfortune, sadness and misery and can happen all through every one of the phases of the condition. Suicide is around multiple times almost certain in individuals with schizophrenia tan the all inclusive community. Sadness and disheartening are markers of expanded danger of suicide. Then again, in Bipolar Disorder , there are scenes of madness and sadness. Wretchedness occurs in patients with this issue however they may not keep going for an extremely prolonged stretch of time. Before one understands it might move to scenes of craziness. The indication of gloom isn’t steady that goes on for quite a long time, it might likely keep going for a considerable length of time to weeks. The power of melancholy is more extreme among schizophrenics than patients with bipolar issue. Requirement FOR STUDY As indicated by Plato, ‘ Man is a social creature.’ We remain in a general public and structure perspectives about the individuals around us. We attempt to carry on with regards to the standards of the general public so we can change with others. In any case, it is difficult in light of the fact that each individual has its own character and particular association. This association needs to construct uncommon endeavors to coexist with other particular associations so as to make the general public a superior spot.>

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