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I have 3 separated assignments. They are all small and easy. I will provide the readings for each assignment.

Assignment 1: Drawing on the readings from this week please identify two ways that stepfamilies are different from first-time married families. Explain how these differences impact members of stepfamilies. Additionally, support your answer with one example. This example can be a current event, a piece of media, or a personal example.

Assignment2: In this board we will be synthesizing content from several modules to analyze the impact of resilience in childhood outcomes. In this week’s readings we discussed one possible way that resilience (positive adaptation within a context of significant adversity) can be fostered in children, specifically those with incarcerated parents. Your job for this week is to create a list of FIVE factors that you think contribute to building resilience in children at any stage and in any context you want to focus on. In your response you will need to meet the following requirements: 1) A paragraph explaining your factors and how they impact resilience, 2) Justification or support for your factors from ONE of this week’s readings and TWO readings from any of our previous modules, and 3) one example (not from the readings) to support or illustrate your point. Your total post should be 3-4 paragraphs in length.

Assignment 3: For each topic you will be required to engage in an evaluative or application-based activity. These allow you to apply concepts in creative and personal ways so that the materials we learn can be relevant to your life and help you grow intellectually. Each week your activity will differ. You are welcome to use a variety of platforms to submit creative and visual assignments if you so choose. In fact, I welcome it.

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