We can work on Urban planning in Paris after Haussmann

Write a 2 pages paper about the topic Urban planning in Paris after Haussmann, however I can give you de resources that I had, and i need it before tomorrow.

“Haussmannization” is too broad a topic for this paper. You’ll need to focus your area of interest. Moreover, your wholly positive view of Paris’ transformation under Napoléon III — from “darkness, danger, and disease” to “shopping, tourists, and citizens” — is rather naïve, given our readings from Clark and Harvey. Perhaps you could focus on the rise of the department store in Paris during these years? That would allow you to think about some of the things you mention here (shopping, tourism, fashion), while keeping a tighter focus and the ability to do more in-depth research.

5 books

  1. Haussmann and Haussmannisation: The Legacy for Paris David P. Jordan
  2. The Bon Marché: Bourgeois Culture and the Department Store, 1869-1920 by Michael B. Miller
  3. Emile Zola’s novel, The Ladies’ Paradise
  4. Rosalind Williams’s Dream Worlds
  5. paris nineteenth century: architecture and urbanism

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