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    Research waste in your area. How does your city, town, or state manage waste? Document your sources.
    Create an informational brochure to hand out at local events and government meetings that will raise environmental awareness of sustainable waste management and how regionally it could be improved. Answer the following questions in your brochure:

    • How is waste managed currently in your area? How has it changed in the last two decades? Analyze these changes (or lack of changes) and how if at all these are perceived as improvement?
    • What are the current methods and initiatives for recycling, reducing, and reusing in your area? Provide some documentation that these practices are received generally and their economic impact to the region overall and to individuals specifically.
    • How does waste management in your town compare to the management in other locales?
    • What effect does waste management in your area have on global sustainability?
    • Recommend at least three methods of alternative waste management that would work and improve methods currently used in your area? Give a brief rationale for each.

    Format your brochure consistent with APA guidelines.
    Submit your assignment.

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