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Due March 27 at 11:00 AM EST

In your answers try to include references to, and examples of, legal/constitutional material from a variety of countries. For each answer there is a number of words to “aim for.” Treat that as only a very rough guide. Some write excellent shorter essays. Others write excellent longer essays.

Part I (30 points) Answer the following question (aim for 600 words)

What is constitutionalism? What is the rule of law? What is a constitution? Describe some of the different views on constitutionalism. Please be specific.

Part II (20 points) Answer both of the following (aim for 300 words each)

Does Great Britain have a constitution? If it does, what are its most important features? Make sure you support your answer with relevant arguments.

Outline the most important principles of constitutional design for deeply divided societies. How is federalism relevant? Outline the key issues in the Lijphart-Horowitz debate.

Part III (30 points) Answer one of the following two questions (aim for 600 words)

What is federalism? Keep in mind different aspects of the phenomenon, and its various ambiguities. Be able to give examples. Outline different conceptions of federalism. Identify the key issues that arise in the design of federal systems.

What exactly does Ackerman argue? What is he in favor of, exactly? What is the “new separation of powers”?


-Please get main ideas based off the readings only (I will attach)

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