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The Woolong Company produces high-end vacuum cleaners and sells them to consumers online. They are designing a new product, and you have been hired as the project manager to oversee it.

Discuss the tools and techniques you should you use to identify the project stakeholders. Describe potential risks associated with this project, and explain what risk management processes can be utilized. Share other important components that a project manager should consider as this project continues into the execution phase.

Sample Solution

is article asserts that physical appearance, especially being attractive, is a valuable and prominent asset in many situations of human interaction. Individuals judgements of others’ appearances are linked to body sizes which are depended on and influenced by a complex set of social and cultural values and norms. Thin bodies are appraised as they are in line with beauty norms while overweight bodies are stigmatized. The authors analyze the relationship between body weight, race and notions of attractiveness. They hypothesize that on various dimensions of attractiveness, white girls and black girls will be ranked differently based on body weights. Data for this study was drawn from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health with a sample consisting of 5947 white and black girls aged 12 to 18. Results show that white girls were more likely to be ranked physically attractive and described as having an attractive personality than black girls. The article concludes that overweight and obese girls are less likely to be perceived as attractive, well-groomed and having a likeable personality compared to thin girls. The stigmatization of overweight and obese girls was more prevalent among black girls; however, overweight white girls face more stigma than overweight black girls and this is due to the notion that all white girls are supposed and expected to be thin and beautiful. Ali et al.’s article demonstrates that physical appearance determines how an individual is perceived by others and whether this individual meets the standards of beauty. White girls are automatically perceived as more beautiful, and this even goes as far as assuming they have a more likable personality. Overweight black girls face stigmatization, however this stigma is worse for white girls because of racial beaut>

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