We can work on the sun never sets: incorporation of American culture into the Indian identity

To start with, I aim to begin my essay with a detailed introduction on Americanisation, its origin, how and where it started and what enabled it to happen; basically, detail about the information age then talk about the opening up of markets in 1991.then i need details on why the American culture was appealing to Indians. then some points on how everything led to the forming of a new India where two cultures were mixed and practiced. This was because old India didnt completely submit to the whole concept of Americanisation. then some details on Why Americanisation was so profound in India more than other places.Next big question that the essay will deal with is why didnt Indians let their culture get swallowed. This was mainly due to the conservatives rollbacks. How they didnt let it happen and wanted to still preserve some of their oldest, purest form of cultural heritage.. Finally, towards the conclusion, the essay should talk about the future of India. How do we fit into an American centric world? How long will the American centric world last and how would India constantly deal with the shift from the American centric. Thereby concluding the paper with how India has taken the American identity to become a new and developed country and has not been completely taken over by it.

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