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Create and demonstrate a lesson using the arts (e.g., painting, poetry, music) that could be used in a secondary Social Studies classroom that aligns with a big idea and essential question for your unit. This presentation will include background information on the particular work (eg. sourcing: where was art created? Who created the art? Any vital/relevant information about the artist & art piece), how it represents the time period (eg. contextualization: What is the relevance of this art? How does it facilitate understanding of the time period/topic being studied? What is the significance of this art to the time period?), and discuss the ways in which art does/not reflect/refract important historical phenomena (eg. corroboration: To what extent does this art reliably or accurately depict said historical events? Can the artist be trusted? What is the artist “bias”? Is the art more a reflection of what happened or the artist?).

Sample Solution

This article focuses on the struggle and desire of African Americans with meeting the Eurocentric standards of beauty. Research focuses on how black women adapt their lifestyles and cultural identity to meet the dominated beauty standards. Using qualitative research methods, the study collected data from 38 black women between the age of 19 to 81. Participants were asked questions regarding skin colour complexion and hair texture when determining beauty. Results illustrate that lighter skinned black females are socially more accepted by both black and white people. They are also perceived to be socially more successful, attractive and beautiful. Participants further reveal that since dark skin is devalued as it does not meet the Eurocentric ideals of beauty, they have a strong desire for lighter skinned children. Additionally, hair texture and length are also associated with dominant beauty ideals. Participants in the study express the desire for long straight hair as it is considered more attractive. Results of the study show that darker skinned participants with short curly hair report isolation, social rejection and lower-levels of confidence and self-esteem, whereas lighter skinned participants with long straight hair report social acceptance and higher levels of confidence, self-esteem and success. The study concludes Eurocentric conceptions of beauty are embodied by African Americans. These notions of beauty negatively affect black men and women as their definition of attractiveness and beauty is influenced by Eurocentric standards of beauty This article is a significant source as it directly relates to the research question of this paper. The article demonstrates that conceptions of beauty and race are influenced by Western and Eurocentric standards of beauty. Racialized beings that do not identify with these standards are perceived by others and themselves as less attractive and beautiful. They have a strong desire to possess the physical traits of a white person, fair skin and sleek hair, as society pursues the notion that fair skinned beings are more beautiful than racialized beings.>

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