We can work on The Great Hack movie analysis

Watch the following movie, use the information from this online article and this youtube video, and use the following three assumptions to talk about Community.
The paper should talk about the definition of community, what makes a person becomes a member of a community, how people are distracted and easy to manipulate by entertainment and news, how technology affects politics, what happens between community and politics now, what will happen in future if we still are distracted and let foolish people lead our community, what are important issues and what distract us in our community.

1)Movie Link: https://www.netflix.com/watch/70279175?trackId=14277281&tctx=0%2C0%2C6ee8b3dd-39c3-4ee7-83c1-f15425f8d30e-155111468%2C%2C
Movie name: (The Waldo Moment)
2) Movie link :https://www.netflix.com/watch/80117542?trackId=14277281&tctx=0%2C0%2C03cd9c0c-b1c0-4f52-8e13-9b6c9d443fc9-158326539%2C%2C
Movie name: The Great Hack
3) Article “How TV trivialized our culture and politics”:

Sample Solution

For instance, she explains to readers what it’s like to live in authoritarian regime, which was Kenya in the 1990s: you don’t know whom to trust, you worry about your family and your friends, and if you or they will be arrested without due process, and you fear political violence and death. A major weakness of Unbowed was that it did not flow smoothly in sequential order. Sometimes Wangari will briefly move on then jump back to the previous situation again. Perhaps maybe she was referring to something she was remembering in the moment, but this is more of an implication rather than a thought of certainty, as at times it is difficult for the reader to follow the proper order of the story. I think addressing this main weakness would greatly improve the quality of reading for her memoir. I felt Wangari was not biased in her writings because the government was definitely conducting acts of racism towards Kenyans, and the government and police are not always justified and can be biased themselves. Different people have different recollections, but I think Wangari was telling the truth and was being as honest as possible from her personal experiences. I would recommend this book to people in poor financial situations or in poor foreign countries, because Wangari is a symbol of hope for those feeling disadvantaged with the hand they are dealt. She teaches these people how to use their situation in a positive way, that with courage they can be a major difference maker in life. Questions: – Should society return to the polygamous lifestyle? – Would American philosophies change if the nation never gave scholarships to international students to get an education in the United States? Theoretical Analysis Perspective>

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