We can work on The effect of hyper normalization on viewer reaction to contemporary imagery

What is the effect of hyper normalization on viewer reaction to contemporary imagery

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bserved in Central Asia, where besides Russia’s influence is curtailed (ibid., p.138). Probably, the BRI has similar effects on other participating countries, limiting the influence of the United States or other incumbent states, while strengthening China’s influence and enlarging its power. Secondary, offensive realism declares that states must be wary of other states true intentions, therefore the success of the BRI depends on its perception as a genuine economic opportunity rather than a Trojan Horse increasing China’s geopolitical weight (Gao, 2018, pp.328-329). Hence, China preaches non-interference in internal matter of states, to achieve the successful implementation of the BRI and suppress U.S. influence. Beijing has learnt that its assertiveness negatively affects its relative power advantages (Sauders, 2014, p.162). It uses an inclusive language as deception and nonetheless expects smaller states to obey its wishes (Roy, 2013; Lubina, 2017, p.73). Thomas Lairson (2018, pp.41-43) argues that the BRI emulates the Marshall Plan, which aided the United States to erect the transatlantic alliance, tied Europe to America and supported the construction of the liberal world order with Washington at its core. The rights, authority, privileges and roles Washington can demand for itself as the leader of this order underpins its hegemony. The bigger voting share it enjoys in the Bretton Wood institutions is one example (Ikenberry & Lim, 2017, p.6). The BRI presumably achieves a similar outcome for Beijing. Amplified commercial activities along the BRI and further factors drive the internationalisation of the Chinese currency (Overholt, Ma & Law, 2015, pp.132,1-16). In combination with the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the chances rise for China to reform the international monetary system (Ikenberry & Lim, 2017, pp.10-13), established around the Bretton Woods institutions. The BRI likely grants China further rights, privileges and authorities and facilitates “alternative political economy, development and governance paradigms” (Schortgen, 2018, p.27). Consequentially, China’s power increases by maximising its economic and institutional statecraft capabilities, eventually suspending U.S. dominance in the international order. Concluding, the BRI ensure the survival of the Chinese state by reducing p>

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