We can work on The degradation of the environment

The degradation of the environment has led many governments and customers to pressure businesses to make their operations more environmentally friendly. The case illustrates how a small budget increase can drastically C02 emission in the transportation of LCD TV’s from their manufacturing bases to the distribution center (DC).

Find attached the DHL Supply Chain – Case Study Word file and the related Excel file

Please, summit:

  • a Word/PDF file with screenshots of your excel that you explain
  • your excel file

Problem 1: Mini-Case(50%)

Complete the provided excel template to demonstrate how the original supply chain was optimized on a budget CNY 3 billion.
Evaluate the extent of the reduction in CO2 emission if the budget were increased by 10 percent to CNY 3.3 billion.
Sensitivity analyses: repeat question 2 for other possible percentage increases in the budget
Problem 2: Tableau Software(50%)

Based on the mini case data, provide a Tableau Dashboard showing how the carbon emission could be optimized

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