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Topic: AI dangers and regulation (suggest a better topic title if you have one in mind)

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Sample Solution

Racial profiling is one of the most debatable and critical acts which limits the practice of human rights. “The world is at the post-racial era, and there is need to find a long-lasting solution to the issue” (Nakamura & Peter 5). The most important part in problem-solving is finding out the root cause and carrying out an analysis of its validity. Some people argue that racial profiling is acceptable. The liberty enjoyed in some places and locations of the world, especially the United States of America, has a vast and dynamic history where people had to lose their lives for the course of achieving equality and fair treatment. The articles above agree that law enforcement applies to whole humanity governed by boundaries of practice and that no one person is above the law. It is backed by evidence that some officers judge people based on their color, language, and nationality. Similarly, in the cases of judgment, complications such as negative ethnicity arise. African Americans are arrested more in numbers than any other community. A black person is ten times more likely to be falsely convicted than a white American. Negative ethnicity gives rise to the demonstration, low self-esteem, and low economic development. People should be allowed to enjoy their freedom. “Arizona 1070 serves as one of the toughest law which promotes ethnicity” (Melone & Schmidt 21). In the law, the government intended to limit illegal immigrants. The law involved searches and document verification and identification. The law enforcement officers identify blacks and Arabians more than the whites. The stops along the streets are intimidating and bring about segregation in the society since each race will like to identify with the group which can offer them an opportunity to showcase their skills and self-confidence. The main aim of the paper will be to focus on sources of racial profiling and find solutions to the instances identified. Racial profiling interferes with the process of justice execution. Firstly, I will “investigate the instances and problems it caused to the society” (Shmool et al. 146). Secondly, on the solution part, I will integrate recommendations to the problem and some practical examples which the recommendations fit the most. Lastly, I will conclude with general details on the cases of racial profiling of >

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