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Add Supplemental Questions form has been opened. Describe your experience coordinating office functions in a complex office structure, including your experience in handling complicated technical questions, training and directing the work of others, supporting administrative functions, and communicating in a clear concise manner.


Describe your experience in the following areas: a) Reception and customer service skills; b) Records management; and c) Generating reports after extracting data from a variety of sources.


Describe your current and previous work experience in interpreting and learning laws, regulations, and policies and your specific role in communicating and applying them in the workplace. Include in your discussion examples of how you have analyzed difficult situations and what actions you took.


Describe your experience working with budgets, purchasing, or payroll. Have you ever tracked and monitored a budget with specific funding restrictions? If so, what kind of budget was it, how much detail were you responsible for, and how much money was involved?


Please describe in detail your computer background. Be specific and thorough. Include any experience with Windows, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and HTML, and describe how you applied each. If you have experience with web pages and creating flyers, please specify. Include any special or customized programs you have used.


If you are bilingual in English and Spanish, describe your reading, writing, and speaking proficiency in Spanish.


Describe your experience working with or serving individuals from diverse cultural or ethnic backgrounds and what you learned from the experience. Give specific examples.

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