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Clicking for a Cause: Researching an Online Campaign
An activist uses Twitter during protests in EgyptActivism on the Internet has had a number of notable successes and several notable failures. Some have argued that online activism has a powerful impact that shapes and transforms online communities, while others have claimed that online activism is more about feeling good than actually doing good. For this assignment, you will choose one new media activism campaign to research and evaluate in order to determine whether you believe online activism has a transformative effect and achieves real and lasting change. Some examples include:

Kony 2012
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Anonymous hacktivism

Writing Requirements

For this assignment you will write an essay. It will be composed of two parts, each will be completed in approximately 2 pages. Please address each of the bulleted points in your essay.

Part 1

Using your selected campaign, research 3-4 credible sourcessuch as academic journals, books, magazines and newspapersand examine the campaigns goal, the methods it used to try to reach that goal, and whether the campaign was effective. Please refer to the assignment tip sheet (Links to an external site.) [PDF, File size 158 KB] and subject guide (Links to an external site.) to help you accelerate your research.
Did the campaign achieve its goal? What made the campaign effective or ineffective?
How were online communities or networks involved in spreading the campaigns message?
Would the campaign have been as effective if it had used only traditional media?
Part 2

Then, using what you have learned from how this campaign was organized, select an issue of importance to you and briefly propose how you would organize a new media activism campaign to achieve a goal related to that issue. Be sure to identify the goal you hope to achieve, the new media you would use to achieve that goal, and why you feel this would be a successful way to reach your goal.
Finally, reflect briefly on the impact of online activism. Does participating in online activism reinforce or shape individuals sense of being engaged and active citizens? How does it reflect, shape, or determine how individuals think about or participate in social and political causes?
Technical Requirements:

Cite the text, specified readings, and research (with page numbers) and reference it at the end of the essay.
Identify five college-level sources and evaluate them thoroughly by summarizing their main ideas and evaluating their relevance to the project.
Write in APA style using correct grammar and spelling.

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