We can work on Seasoned hospitality and admissions professional who’s passionate about building an inclusive and welcoming culture

Write a cover letter for a job. Resume is listed below and job offer is copied into text directly below:

Are you a seasoned hospitality and admissions professional who’s passionate about building an inclusive and welcoming culture? Are you dedicated to public service, community, and advancing racial equity and inclusion? Bring your talents to the Oregon Zoo, where will you support ground-breaking wildlife research and conservation activities at one of the region’s most popular attractions.

As the Oregon Zoo’s Admissions Supervisor, you will plan, execute and evaluate the work of the guest relations team to ensure delivery of high-quality products and customer service that enhances our guests’ experiences and supports the Oregon Zoo’s mission. Responsibilities include overseeing the efficient operations related to ticketing, reception, school group entrances and more. We are looking for a dynamic leader who thrives in a fast-paced environment, and who can manage quickly changing priorities with efficiency and humor. You will directly supervise up to three lead workers and 80 seasonal staff members.

To meet the needs of the zoo’s Guest Services division, this position must be available to work a variety of shifts, including days, nights, weekends and holidays.

Application requirements
1) Electronic application, 2) answers to supplemental questions, 3) resume and 4) cover letter describing your qualifications as they relate to the duties of this position.
Essential Job Duties: An employee in this position must be able to perform all of the essential job duties listed below with or without reasonable accommodation; however, this list is not intended to include all of the specific tasks which an employee in this position may be expected to perform.

Responsible for the efficient operations of the following functions within Guest Services:
Box office operations
Attractions staffing and ticketing
Turnstiles (ticket scanning)
School group entrance and egress
Ensure implementation of all ticketing and access control policies, including memberships and various ticketing products.
Monitor cash control to ensure funds are being handled accurately and securely.
Maintain knowledge, oversight and expertise of point-of-sale system (POS, kiosks, scanners, PCs, etc.) to ensure that visitor access is being properly monitored and recorded.
Plan and manage hourly staffing to provide superior customer service within budgeted payroll.
Hire, train, supervise, counsel and coach staff; document performance issues and address performance in an objective, consistent, and timely manner.
Evaluate full-time and seasonal employees in accordance with established zoo and departmental policies.
Follows zoo guidelines and policies to ensure compliance with OR-OSHA, state and federal labor laws, and internal guest services rules.
Handle guest complaints/inquiries/suggestions and develop short-term and long-term plans to prevent re-occurring issues.
Coordinate with other zoo departments on the production of zoo-wide events that include admission services, such as summer concerts and ZooLights.
Act as a location or building manager as assigned. Monitor upkeep and maintenance of these areas according to zoo standards.
Act as a back-up manager as needed for other guest services functions.

Sample Solution

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