We can work on Reflections on Online Support Groups

Make an initial post by the fourth day of the workshop, responding to the following prompts.
1.) What are the benefits and drawbacks to meeting the needs of group members in an OSG forum? Provide specific examples of how group members’ needs are or are not met on the online platform.
2.) How might social workers be involved in the implementation or facilitation of online support groups? What specific skills could be used in the engagement, assessment, planning, and intervention stages?
3.)Is this an effective and ethical way to practice group social work? What ethical dilemmas might arise in OSGs, and how might they be addressed?

Sample Solution

Profound and strict convictions alongside medicinal services rehearses are imperative to the lives of numerous patients. At the point when an individual has an ailment or is toward the finish of life, they go to medicinal services suppliers to analyze and treat their ailments. Since we are such an assorted nation, there are a wide range of religions that stay in a clinic. A significant world religion that one would go over in an emergency clinic is Christianity. Christianity is a religion dependent on the lessons and supernatural occurrences of Jesus. There is just a single God, and that God is a Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Christians have confidence in water submersion by drenching. This absolution verifies one’s contrition. As indicated by CARM (Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry), “Christianity is the main religion that shows salvation by elegance (Slick 2017).” This implies we are acceptable according to God just when we have confidence in what Christ did on the cross. Christianity is the most followed religion on the planet, making up 33% of the entirety of the world religions joined. All things considered, it is bound to think about a Christian patient in a clinic. Notwithstanding the perfect figure a patient may follow, it is essential to have a fundamental comprehension of every religion so as to think about every patient in the most deferential way. Christianity organizes associations with others the same amount of as it organizes the relationship with God. A comparable explanation can be found in the Bible, in the book of Matt, 25:40. It says, “Our helping somebody in need is simply equivalent to helping the Lord (Matt. 25:40 New International Version).” A Christian’s inclinations inside social insurance and end of life care can be seen from two unique viewpoints. One is through the eyes of a Christian patient, and the other, a Christian medicinal services supplier. A Christian’s way of thinking towards others is the equivalent all through the whole religion, to love and bolster others paying little mind to what their identity is or how they act. Considering, a Christian medicinal services supplier is urged to think about their patients to the most noteworthy degree. With a Christian experiencing the>

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