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Tariq Ramadan Zakir Naik. (2011, December 3). Tariq Ramadan and Ayaan Hirsi Ali – debate (1/3) [Video file]. Retrieved from
Reflect on the concepts you have learned throughout this course, and identify how the information from the reading you chose plays a role in the overall perception of Islam. The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to reflect on the material you have read and to expand on it. Use these guidelines as you reflect on the reading and the course material: What are your thoughts about the main topics? Why are these topics or concepts important? How does the information from the reading you chose differ from what you normally see in the mainstream media? Do you feel that the mainstream media portrays Islam in an accurate manner? Why, or why not? If you had to complete a work or school assignment about Islam in the future, how would you go about conducting additional research?

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What are effects of Name question among Greece and Fyrom in the Europeanization procedure of Macedonia? Dynamic This examination primarily plans to talk about and break down the issue of name among Greece and Macedonia, and impacts of this disagreement regarding Macedonian Europeanization process. Macedonia, recently established state with the disintegration of Former Yugoslavia ,should require a majority rule way which will support security, strength, and flourishing In that respects EU dependent on specific qualities, for example, opportunity, popular government, rule of law, regard for minority rights and most generously continue monetary help to individuals that need. Macedonia was chosen to go to these qualities anyway Greece became primary deterrent in this procedure. The paper shows that Name contest have a tremendous effect upon the Europeanization procedure of Macedonia. Watchwords: EU Integration, Name Dispute, FYROM, Macedonia , Alexander the Great and Phillip, Territorial Claims, Identity, Border Issue. Presentation In 1991 with the disintegration of Federal Yugoslavia, Macedonia has gotten free with endorsement of %95 of qualified voters in choice. Kiro Gligorov is chosen first leader of autonomous Macedonia. New constitution is embraced, announcing the Republic of Macedonia a sovereign, autonomous, common, and majority rule state, and perceiving total fairness of the Macedonians and the ethnic minorities in the nation. As a sovereign and popularity based state Macedonia needs to continue its security, create economy and popular government. With this point Macedonia applied for Eu participation, anyway Greece as a full-individual from EU has blocked this application because of name debate of macedonia. More than two decades since its autonomy Macedonia looked with changed difficulties in transit of joining in the European Union, in such manner Greek counteractive action makes them primary deterrent in Macedonian EU process. ”The Republic of Macedonia and Greece are neighboring nations that guarantee to be focused on the resistance of equitable qualities and the vital objective of a steady, joined together furthermore, prosperous Europe. Today, rather than cooperating to accomplish these objectives, Macedonia and Greece are caught in feelings evoked by the soul of Alexander the Extraordinary, who kicked the bucket around 2300 years prior. The two nations offer pieces of the region of Alexander’s amazing Kingdom and guarantee their privileges to antiquated Macedonian legacy counting the name “Macedonia.” The debate between the two countries has emerged over the straightforward issue of whether the Republic of Macedonia, a youthful nation that rose from the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the mid 1990s, may call itself Macedonia.” In this paper ,I will break down the foundations of issue that rose repercussions of disintegration of Yugoslavia among Greece and Macedonia.In that respect first section give data about present day history of Macedonia since this name issue has legitimately connected to history of Greece and Macedonia, second chaper expounds the Europeanization procedure of Macedonia, particularly steps that are acknowledged by Macedonia for this mix. Third section center around Name disagreement regarding process both political, ethnic and regional perspective. At that point paper will dissect the name recommendations rather than Macedonia so as to comprehend this issue. In conclusion paper completes with condensed end. HISTORY OF MACEDONIA ”Macedonia is situated in the focal point of the Southern Balkans, north of old Hellas (Greece), east of Illyria, and west of Thrace. The name “Macedonia” is the most established enduring name of a nation on the mainland of Europe. The antiquated Macedonians were a particular country, ethnically, semantically, and socially not the same as their neighbors. Their starting points are in the antiquated Brygian (Phrygian) substratum that involved the entire of Macedonian domain and in Indo-European superstratum, which settled here toward the finish of the second thousand years.” Anyway name contest has straightforwardly connected with chronicled foundation of nation. Primary issue originate from national personality and history battle. This implies the two Nations Greeks and Macedons are having a similar history. Both these countries guarantee that they have right to utilization of name of Macedonia, with Macedonian image (kutlesh star (vergina sun),and Macedonian Identity. There are different sides with two distinctive proclamation. So as to comprehend the name issue, we have to take a gander at recorded time of Macedonia solely. ”This period comprise of three section: first, the time from the rules of Philip II and his child Alexander the Great to the Ottoman Empire; second, the time from the earliest starting point of the twentieth century until the Balkan wars (1912, 1913); and, third, during and after World War II.” From Ancient Macedonia to the Ottoman Empire ”Macedonia” applies to the geographic area involving the focal some portion of the Balkan Peninsula that spreads around 67,741 square kilometers. Generally, the Macedonian geographic limits changed always, until they were formally perceived in the nineteenth century. The encompassing nations have generally been pulled in to the geo-vital situation of the Macedonian region. Macedonia has served as a financial intersection, connecting Central Europe and the Mediterranean locale with the Close to East and the Suez Canal. Macedonia additionally connects the Drin stream valley with the Adriatic Sea. Through Egnatia, the most limited Roman-period cross course to cross the Balkans, runs through Macedonia, interfacing the Adriatic Sea to the Bosphorus through Thessalonica” Albeit having a similar history with Greeks, communicating in Greek and dressing like them, Macedonian don’t acknowledge themselves as Greek , in actuality recognized themselves as veritable Macedon and fabricated their own one of a kind society in such manner. Macedonian see Phillip II and Alexander the Great as their predecessor, in the establishing of national personality these two figures are essential, that is the reason Greeks and Macedon are in battle of history since they are attempting to demonstrate their national character. Regardless of the restricted information about Macedonian history Some proof recommends that the period between the rules of the principal Macedonian KingPerdiccas I (700 BC) and Phillip II (359-336 BC) was set apart by flimsiness, household insurgency and outside assaults. The Macedonian realm during Philip II’s standard flourished. Philip presented changes in administration and the monetary arrangement of the state, and empowered the development of financial exchange, in this manner making the Macedonian express an significant exchange factor the Mediterranean.6 Furthermore, somewhere in the range of 356 and 338 BC, Philip II exploited the dependable political emergency in Greece and vanquished its regions Thessaly, Chalcidice, and Thrace. With their last triumph over the Greek armed force in 338 BC, the Macedonians set up their strength in the Balkans and their authority was perceived by the Greek city-states. The sublime period of the Macedonian realm proceeded under Philip’s child, Alexander the Great. In a few fights between 334- 331 BC Alexander’s military defeatedthe Persians and extended the Macedonian realm to the east. The 331 BC triumph atGaugamela built up Alexander as the ace of the Near- also, Middle East. Heextended his realm from the western Balkans to India and from the Danube River andthe Black Sea to Egypt, Libya and Cyrenaica. After his demise in 323 BC, his enormousand “ungovernable” realm started to fall . In both country there is a conviction that they have direct recorded connections with this wonderful Ancient Realm of Macedon and society of Macedonian, there is a craving to recognize themselves with bounteous society of Macedonia . Greeks guarantee that “during Antiquity, Macedonia was some portion of the Hellenic world and the establishment of Alexander the Great’s huge realm. Alexander the Great is huge to the Greeks due to his solid job in spreading Hellenic culture to far off portions of the then obscure world. Greeks likewise invest heavily in being relatives of his “phenomenal figure.” On the other hand , Macedonian dismissed this understanding rather they built up their very own viewpoint and comparitive investigation of the two the two civic establishments’ arrangement of statehood and adjustment of regional trustworthiness. With accusing each other two social orders improved diverse political ,social , practical and social viewpoints in such manner. The Balkan Wars and the End of the Ottoman Empire With Balkan wars in 1912-13 , Ottoman Empire lost its territory in Balkans and these countries that live here gaind their autonomy .This result caused anoter longstanding political issue concerning Macedonia and Greeks. All Nations in Balkans are attempting to pick up their opportunity from Ottoman Empire and working of sovereign and national character. These wants of Balkan Nations caused regional and minority question and partittioning of Macedonia.In the nineteenth century, the Ottoman rulers partitioned the Balkan domain into “three vilayets,” named Solun (Thessaloniki), Bitola, and Kosovo, known as Macedonia by Macedoniannationalists just as the remainder of the world. In the present wording, this region is designated “More noteworthy Macedonia. Eventual fate of Macedonian land was resolved among the Balkan nations. In the First Balkan War in 1912, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Montenegro met up, assaulted Ottoman Empire and vanquished Empire. Toward the finish of First Balkan War Macedonia was involved by Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia and Albania was made. In that War Macedonian opposed Ottoman Empire with the sovereingty guarantee of Balkan states.However with the London Conference Agreement in may 1913, Macedonia was isolated among Balkan partners. Fallout of Ottoman withdrawal from Balkans, Balkan Allies states couldn’t share the grounds that picked up this caused one more second Balkan War, additionally known>

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