We can work on Real life categorical or quantitative data that has been displayed graphically

Search an example of real life categorical or quantitative data that has been displayed graphically ( histogram, pie chart, bar graph, dot plot etc) from a newspaper, magazine, published article in a journal or other sources on the internet. Textbook examples from teaching/tutoring sites will not get any credit. The data displayed must have some real context. Cite the article or attach it as a document and then answer the following. ( 16 points )

Discuss whether the display is appropriate for the data type. Explain why you think so.
Is the graph clearly labeled?
Does the accompanying article tell the W’s of the variable? List the W’s ( Who What When Where and Why).
Do you think the article correctly interprets the data? Explain.

Sample Solution

Africa has grown to be a complex continent with a long, enticing history. Much of this history defines how Africa functions today. By looking at the past economic, political, social, spiritual and cultural factors, we can determine why the continent operates the way it does currently. Africa’s economy has always consisted of trade and crafting as its main factors. Most trade in early Africa was done locally, due to difficulties with transportation. Citizens would often trade fish for vegetables, for example. Iron and copper were also commonly traded. However, there were methods of long distance trade that allowed high value goods to be passed along. Long distance trade was carried out by caravans that mainly consisted of camels. Salt was one of the most traded goods. It was regularly traded for grain and gold. Humans were also traded to work as slaves throughout the continent. Since long distance trade was usually reserved for more high value goods, citizens had to become very innovative crafters. Metalwork, clothes and other crafts were often traded within communities. Crafting certain goods was often a hereditary skill, passed along within family groups. Africa’s political system started with the formation of chiefdoms and kingdoms. Some kingdoms got their start by using long distance trade to tax the goods that passed through their territory. They used the wealth gained from taxes to build up armies, and chiefs were appointed to tak>

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