We can work on Reactance theory.

Jason wants to go out with Sue, but Sue is playing “hard-to-get.” Jason is even more intrigued and motivated to get a date with Sue. Explain this scenario in terms of reactance theory.

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By employing an agile development framework, a company has the ability to respond to shifting requirements in the project. Furthermore, the collaboration between the development team and the customer becomes transparent since they collaborate closely, combined with the possibility of having the customer providing continues input and feedback to the development process. In late 2013, Ambler and colleagues sent out a survey concerning i.a. traditional and agile software development. The survey had 173 respondents. The result from the survey revealed that projects using a traditional development approach were three times more often to fail than projects following an agile development approach, see Figure 1. Figure 1. The rate of successful, challenged and failed projects in agile vs. traditional projects(Ambler et al., 2014). Several different agile development frameworks exist. Contribution 2 in this thesis reviled Scrum to be the favorite agile framework used within the Danish industry. Scrum is furthermore the development framework used within the collaborative companies. 1.2.1. SCRUM Scrum is an iterative and incremental framework, developed to optimize predictability and risk control. (Sutherland and Schwaber, 2011) Scrum has been used in software development since the beginning of 1990’s. It is important to note, that Scrum is not a process or technique for building products, but a framework where it is possible to apply different processes and techniques within. (Sutherland and Schwaber, 2011) The premise for Scrum is that software development can be a very complicated >

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