We can work on Project time, cost and quality management

  1. Explain some of the basic principles of cost management, such as profits, life cycle costs, tangible and intangible costs and benefits, direct and indirect costs, and reserves.
  2. Explain how earned value management (EVM) can be used to control costs and measure project performance and explain why you think it is not used more often. What are some general rules of thumb for deciding if numbers for cost variance, schedule variance, cost performance index, and schedule performance index are good or bad?
  3. What are the main processes in project quality management?
  4. Why is quality assurance becoming more important? What types of jobs are available related to quality assurance, and what qualifications are required for those jobs?
  5. Assume that your organization wants to hire new instructors for your project management course. Develop a list of quality standards that you could use in making this hiring decision. Suppose that some current instructors do not meet these standards. Provide suggestions for how you would handle this situation.
  6. Summarize the processes involved in project human resource management

Sample Solution

case research. The case research will include of Liberia; a country which had a totally high quantity of SALW, evidenced by way of whole outbreak of armed violence and tiers of SALW proliferation throughout its warfare. Ghana then again could be used as a 2nd case observe for its remarkably low stage of SALW proliferation. This perception is buttressed via its legacy of reasonable balance inside the sub-region. this example look at framework may be utilized in establishing parallels for comparing safety indicators inside the context of a SALW endemic us of a and a non-endemic country, presenting a platform for drawing conclusions on protection susceptibility to palms float within the sub-location. The impact of SALW to protection will be assessed not only from the stand factor of country’s security however additionally from the context of its direct and indirect consequences at the humans of the affected countries the security effect evaluation of SALW on this research will in attention of this reality, comprehensively examine the effect of fingers waft to those often neglected humans-focused indicators of protection. kinds AND assets OF statistics In answering the thesis question consequently, the studies will depend notably on gadgets supplied by using international our bodies just like the United countries development software’s Human improvement reviews, the arena fitness corporation’s international fitness reports and the Human safety center’s Human safety report. these reports could be utilized in concert with other to be had facts on development and monetary overall performance of the case research international locations. reports acquired from those assets will shape the bulk of this research’s device of assessment. techniques OF facts analysis This research will employ each comparative and deductive reasoning in reading the thesis. On the basis of records obtained from the above assets, the studies will first look at the overall performance degree of Liberia in numerous factors of protection, like country wide safety itself, monetary protection (addressed in terms of national GDP, NI,) and Human security (measurable with the aid of thinking about get admission to to education, health care, pressured human dislocation levels and profits stage of residents) Liberia’s overall performance level in those elements of security might be examined prior to the us of a’s armed conflict and reappraised via the route of the struggle up to its return to normalcy. The end result of this analysis might be used to symbolize a fashion within the international locations overall performance level previous, and after the length of armed warfare in the regions of have a look at. A revolutionary trend in the safety indicators analyzed could be deemed to infer a positive correlation between SALW and safety at the same time as a regressive fashion could connote a bad correlation. The same sample will later be followed for Ghana thru about the equal time frame. non-stop reappraisal of the identical security signs would also be conducted over the duration of constant democratic increase and stability that observed navy leadership in Ghana. eventually an evaluation of the trend in overall performance might also be conducted to determine a correlation among arms availability and security. it is was hoping that the analysis of the case studies could offer solutions to the primary question of this thesis.>

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