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Feasibility Report (Memorandum)


Subject: Factors Affecting Productivity


Productivity is measured in terms of the amount of output to input, which has been used in the production process (Gaeta, 2015). The research aims at broadening the understanding of the factors affecting productivity. Different businesses and organizations experience different production rates, depending on various factors. Productivity can be affected positively or negatively. Different managers need to know how to enhance positive production in the business to cab the gaps in the sector. This research paper will guide the managers by shedding light on those factors.

Method and data collection

The research paper will use a qualitative research method to gather information from managers of various organizations on what they feel affects their productivity. Information interviews will be used to get information from the managers. An information interview is an informal meeting held between an interviewer and the person of interest to the interviewer. The main objective of the information interview is to get information on specific matters and not to seek jobs. An information interview is beneficial because the interviewer gets first-hand information from an expert in the field. Creating a good rapport with the managers is critical for the interviewer to acquire data from the managers. Explaining your intention or aim helps access permission for the interview.

To understand the factors better, the research is set to ask organizations’ managers questions that will be related to the topic. Below is a list of questions to be asked to the managers during the interview: How have you impacted the organizations’ productivity as a manager? What factors have you observed influencing the organization, either positively or negatively? Do you intend to find solutions to any element affecting the organization negatively? If yes, how?

Analysis and Findings

The study will use a thematic analysis method. The method will involve familiarizing with the data and assigning codes to the data so that the content can be described. After the codes, patterns and themes are then searched within the coded data across different interviews and reviewed to make conclusions.

Data Visualization

The study will use tabular forms and statistical charts to enhance data visualization. The approach will be critical in enabling decision-makers to grasp related concepts or even identify new patterns.

Writing and Designing

The study will attempt to expand the knowledge of factors affecting productivity. According to Smriti, eight factors affecting productivity in an organization are workforce, availability of equipment and machines, input materials, time, space, energy, finance, and movement of man and materials. However, factors affecting productivity are classified into three categories (Devra, 2019) namely human /social factors, equipment factors, and system factors. Social factors include employees’ health, attitudes, education, and training. On the other hand, equipment factors affect productivity. Equipment factors include the availability of the right tools and the correct layout. Conversely, system factors, which include supply chain factors, chain of command, and workflow protocols (Devra, 2019).

The focus will enable organization managers to make informed decisions about the areas that need extra attention and focus to realize improved productivity. Also, the findings will provide the necessary background information for future research that will have a similar or related topic.

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