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Question 1:

During week four you studied process costing and saw how this cost accounting system varied from job order costing that you learned about in week three. For your week four discussion board post I would like you do identify a publicly traded manufacturing company. BY publicly traded it means they have stock traded on an exchange such as the New York Stock Exchange. I would then like you to research a product they manufacture. Based on what you have found would they use process costing or job order costing. Why did you select the method they did. Please be sure to integrate terms and concepts you learned about in week three and four as you describe the cost accounting system they might use.

(400-450 words in word document with references 6 years or less older)

Question 2:

Subject: Leaderships and change in Organizations

Discuss the social media topic Exhibit 5.3 (pg. 138) in our text and discuss the current status and the ethical issues surrounding social media and employee obligations. Be sure to include at least two recent events that have happened either locally or nationally.

(400-450 words in word document with references 6 years or less old)

Sample Solution

All the living and non-living properties are assets of an organization. Moreover, we will need to calculate all the resource costs which includes employee’s and contractor’s pay. People work for different pay rate and some people get payed very low or some get payed very high which also needs to be calculated as part of this resource cost estimation stage. To recapitulate, we need calculate both labor cost and material cost as well. Vendor Cost: Occasionally company might want to hire some of the third-party contractors to get the project done. This could be anything related to implementation or support. For instance, if a company does not have any experts for managing the project security, the company may decide to outsource security part of this project to some third-party vendor. Now the company does initiate the bidding with various vendors and the company will decide to handover the project to vendor whose bid was quite low with effective plan compared to others. Therefore, vendor cost should be calculated before hands as part of budget plan. Backup Cost: There are some scenarios where project might be taking more than the estimated budget. So, there must be some additional budget that should be allotted to the project even though if it is not required. Without allotting these extra funds or backup costs, there are many real-life examples where the projects are dropped at the last stages as they find not extra money when needed. Quality Cost:>

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