We can work on Process Analytical Technology (PAT) for Biopharmaceutical Upstream Processing

A 6000 word essay is required to on Process Analytical Technology (PAT) for Biopharmaceutical Upstream Processing. 

Objective: PAT has been gaining momentum in the biotech community due to the potential for continuous real‐time quality assurance resulting in improved operational control and compliance. Explore and critically review how PAT is being used to enhance processes and improve productivity. Using published peer reviewed studies, discuss the underlying concepts and applications for bioreactor operations to illustrate how PAT implementation can help realize advanced approaches to ensuring product quality in real time. Provide an informed evidence based opinion on those advances that have proved most effective and why.

The scope statement has been prepared and submitted (ref attached). Feedback from the scope statement from the lecturer is: 

This is a good start – focused and well structured. Your references to food biotech are fine as an illustration of how PAT has been used to good effect in other industries. But be sure to your own essay focussed on biopharma applications. 

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