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open and solve the questions from the original worksheet


Follow the link to the UN SDG website: https://sdgs.un.org/goals

2. The image panels each represent one of the SDGs. You can scroll over them for a brief overview. Pick one of the SDGs and click on it. What is the goal and what are some of the targets? (You can summarize or focus on just 3 or 4 – some have many more. You should be able to select the “Targets and Indicators” tab on the page)

3. Click one of the targets. What are the indicators used?

4. Click the “Progress and Info” tab and summarize some of the findings in just a few sentences.


Go to this website (https://goodlife.leeds.ac.uk/countries/).If clicking the link doesn’t work, then copy/paste.

2. You should see the option to select two countries for comparison. Choose any two countries you’d like.

3. How does each country fair in the doughnut model in general?

4. What are the social shortfalls of each country, if any?

5. What are the environmental overshoots of each country, if any?

6. What do you think explains the differences between the two countries?

7 Do you think the Doughnut model ought to be followed?

8 What strategies or tactics do you think are required to get countries and the world to live within the doughnut?


1. in light of what you read in Jason Hickel’s chapter, how do you view growth and development? Do you believe our contemporary systems or society should pursue growth and how? Can growth be environmentally and socially sustainable? Are there alternatives? Explain.

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