We can work on Porter’s Five Forces on McDonald’s industry

Start off the case analysis with an intro. In the intro describe the what is going on in the case, give an overview. Then answer the following questions. Use each question as a heading in the analysis. Thoroughly answer each question in 1-2 paragraphs.

  1. What is the strategic issue(s) that McDonald’s needs to address
  2. What are McDonald’s’ core competencies?
  3. How does McDonald’s make money?
  4. What is McDonald’s’ strategy? Has it changed over the last few decades, and if so, how?

Then continue to conduct the analysis by completing the following:

Conduct the Following Analysis:

Porter’s Five Forces on McDonald’s industry (search online to find out what 5 forces are and determine for Mcdonald’s)
Identify McDonald’s core competencies and competitive advantages

Sample Solution

Social media and technology play a significant role in everybody’s lives. It has revolutionised the world we live in, in many ways. One being the fashion industry. This has been impacted by the rise of bloggers and social media influencers who have made social media a career and marketing strategy. One major platform is Instagram. This has helped brands and bloggers promote products and lifestyles that will appeal to a wide audience and entice customers which not only benefits the brand but also the “business” of the blogger. Social media has had a direct impact on digital labour and consumer culture as it has provided a platform to see what is desired by an audience and what there are gaps in the market for. There has also been a development in body image and how bodies that differentiate from the norm is not scrutinized anymore but is accepted and praised. For women, the stick thin barbie doll body type is not the trend anymore and curvy bodies are more realistic and common in contemporary western society. Social media has provided a feel-good service for society as people feel more accepted and confident for who they are. I will be looking into how much of an impact social media has really had on many different aspects of the fashion industry including body image, marketing, acceptance within society and the rise of bloggers and influencers. I decided to investigate a high-street brand and a high-street, online retailer to see if how they utilised social media differed. The high-end brand I chose was Burberry as they are heavily advertised by celebrities throughout their campaigns. I then chose to research Pretty Little Thing as my high-street brand as they use social media influencers and bloggers to promote their products a lot in their brand. I chose both brands because although their products and consumers may be very different, they still have similarities in the way they work.>

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