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Discussion- State and local officials

Add a original posting to the discussion topic in this forum (remember one posting is due by Thursday night) (to do so, just click the “reply” button below). In your post please include your discussion of the following topic:

Research one of
your local or state legislators. NOTE: These must be a California or
local government within California official.

For example, if you live in San Francisco you could select
your district’s Board of Supervisor member, your State Assembly
representative, or your State Senator. Note that this must be on a
California state or local level elected legislative official! You could
use the address for City College of San Francisco to determine who
makes decisions in the area where the college is located.

Find information on your selected representative’s party
affiliation, professional background, positions on policy issues and/or
recent legislative work.
Summarize this information in your discussion. Be certain to include or cite your sources’ information. Do NOT plagiarize!!

Evaluate how well you believe this individual is serving your
district. Be specific in your evaluation with examples of what you
believe shows successes and/or failure/shortcomings in representation.

You should include your sources and analysis. Remember that Wikipedia is not a college level source.!!





For this paper assignment, you must choose and research one of
the California or San Francisco propositions from the past two
elections. You can find information in this module with links to
external sources in the lines following this assignment in this module.
When you have selected one of the California or San Francisco
propositions, you need to include answers to ALL of the following

  • Identify what proposition you have selected and what specific election it was placed before voters
  • A concise summary of the issue or question that voters are being asked
  • Who is supporting and who is opposing the proposition and why?
  • The arguments about why the measure should or should not pass – make certain to provide your analysis
  • Who you believe would likely or did support and oppose the proposition – their characteristics or views about government
  • Your prediction of the election outcome and find the election results.
    Remember that your analysis is based on how you believe people will
    vote and the overall outcome, not how you would vote, but you may
    include that information if you wish. Note if your prediction and
    outcome were different why you believe that was the case.
  • What you believe would be the best outcome for the community or public at large?

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