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I got feedback from the professor about my research paper, he said:” You’re making this a much bigger project than it needs to be. Write a concise introductory paragraph that introduces the argument you’re going to be critiquing and includes a thesis statement about that argument. Remember that you are NOT directly talking about vaping, but about the argument on vaping that you’re critiquing. Then layout the argument in numbered format. Then add a paragraph explaining that argument, a paragraph discussing the merits of the arguments logic, and then get into considering whether the premises are true. After that, consider an objection and explain why we should agree with you rather than the objector. Finally, add a brief conclusion, on the argument, not vaping. You’re looking at no more than ten paragraphs, plus the numbered argument.” Please help me revise. File ” Argument V” is lead to the entire essay ” E-cigarettes..original”

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