We can work on Personality type

Note: my Quiz was about Personality type, and my results were: introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging.
How can you use this data from your Quiz results to improve your leadership in developing a Balanced Scorecard, and drive Team performance?
Effective Training and Development Tools in Practices

Give an example of how you plan to self-manage and create a mental practice of awareness?
Encouraging Errors. There is value in making a mistake for the purpose of solutioning a bigger problem next time around. Give an example and discuss your own development in assessing prior experience?
Answer 3 question and Cite in all posts, the preferred method is APA. In addition, please note terms utilized in the Textbooks, please include 2- 3 terms in your weekly posts


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Sample Solution

There are numerous approaches to state who or what somebody is. We can discuss their character, distinguishing proof, activities, and informal organization. We can likewise talk about the science and theory of what makes up a person. We will consider this in the accompanying passages in accordance with the subject: myself. Individuals may think they know their character, yet truth be told, a character includes numerous aspects. It is difficult to nail down my character. At times I am withdrawn, and now and again I outgoing. In some cases I feel imaginative, and different occasions it appears I can’t create anything of worth. Now and again, I make the most of my work, and different occasions I scorn it. At some point, I feel vigorous and ready to do anything, and on different days, I have an inclination that I am tired from the moment I wake up. Here and there I feel merciful and cherishing towards all creatures, and different occasions I feel irate towards a large portion of what I see around me. In this regard, it is hard for me to state who I am founded on character alone. ID is another way individuals make a personality. They state, “I am an architect,” and such. I for the most part distinguish as a profound individual and author. Be that as it may, I do my best not to be related to anything. I accept this is the genuine method to be free. “Activities are stronger than words,” as the platitude goes. Also, what do I do? The vast majority of my days are spent getting down to business as a substance organizer at an IT organization, composing verse, playing percussion, singing once in a while, conversing with companions and my better half, strolling my pooch, thinking, eating, and other commonplace exercises. However, I can barely concur that my activities make up who I am. My informal organization involves a couple of dear companions, a few companions I used to be close with, and numerous associates because of my contemplation practice, melodic affiliations, and composing network. My net of dear companions typically has around 2-3 individuals in it, which movements dependent on the timespan. I like to have a great deal of companions, and yet, not so much. Presently, let us delve more into the study of oneself. On the most essential level, we are spaces loaded up with waves and particles—truth be told, everything is (Orzel, Chad). A person is comprised of roughly seven billion particles. Likewise, “Hydrogen, oxygen and carbon make up about 99% of the normal human” (The Element Californium). As per Professor Shirley Hodgson of the Royal Society of Biology, “Critically, these phones contain a ton of water, implying that people are in truth around 65 percent water. The water in cells assists with compound responses, transports oxygen and waste, and goes about as a safeguard” (Johnston, Ian). What’s more, we are hosts to untold measures of microorganisms. We have maybe a huge number of microscopic organisms in our gut alone, which act in a cooperative association with us on great days (Johnston, Ian). Along these lines, without a doubt, as a typical homo sapien, this alludes to me too. The way of thinking of oneself is significantly all the more overwhelming. To depict every one of the ideas of the self in the order of reasoning would take volumes. The thoughts run from personal circumstance, the beginning stage of self-request, a substance to be tested, the observer of presence, the independence of an individual, and an assortment of events and conditions that shape an individual (Borghini, Andrea). My own meaning of oneself would be the eyewitness of presence. Truly, I have a body, a psyche, and feelings, however these are aspects as opposed to basics. As an onlooker, I watch these pieces of myself—or in the event that I am shocking, I relate to them. Who or what I am can be taken a gander at from such a large number of edges that inevitably, you nearly need to abandon definitions and breaking points. Every individual is an assortment of definitions, and what is past those definitions—that is the thing that it is by all accounts when you think about every one of the zones to grasp a person. References Orzel, Chad. “Six Things Everyone Should Know About Quantum Physics.” Forbes, Forbes Magazine, 8 July 2015, www.forbes.com/destinations/chadorzel/2015/07/08/six-things-everybody should-think about-quantum-material science/#61f044037d46. “Questions and Answers.” It’s Elemental – The Element Californium, education.jlab.org/qa/mathatom_04.html. Johnston, Ian. “What Is the Human Body Made of?” The Independent, Independent Digital News and Media, 5 Aug. 2016, www.independent.co.uk/news/science/what-the-human-body-is-made-of-a7173301.html.>

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