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  1. Do a 24 hour food recall, analyzing your dietary habits. There are man electronic/down loadable/printable ways to document what you eat. Be honest with yourself. Document everything you eat in one day. Remember everything (except water and 0 calorie drinks) have calories and should be in your food diary. [This is worth 2/10 points]

2 Analyze your food and drink choices as it compares to the contents of My Plate https://www.choosemyplate.gov/ Do you meet/exceed the daily requirements? [This is worth 2/10 points]

  1. Identify and analyze problems with the frequency, amount, types of food and beverages that are not the best choices for you and your body. Give the rationale(s) why they are not. [This is worth 3/10 points]
  2. Identify the nutritional deficiencies that you are at risk for, what disease entities are these associated with? Finally what SMART Goal can you you develop for your self to make a meaningful change in your diet? One meaningful SMART Goal is enough. [This is worth 3/10 points] (Let’s make this start after the holiday season!)

Sample Solution

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