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Legal and Ethical Issues of Advanced Practice Nursing – Week 2 Practice Experience

Ethics Committee Roles and Responsibilities – The Telephone Interview

Investigate the role and responsibilities of the ethics committee at a clinical institution. Conduct a phone interview one of the members of the ethics committee to determine the ethical decision-making process that the ethics committee goes through.

1. Develop 3 open-ended questions to ask during the interview.

2. Conduct the phone interview.

3. Use the questions and answers to write a paper that summarizes your interview.

4. Choose one question-answer dyad. What inference can you make regarding the importance of the ethics committee on patient rights based on this question-answer dyad?

This assignment will be 3 page, APA formatted, paper and include a minimum of 2 references from peer-reviewed nursing articles that address health care ethics and were published within the last five years.

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