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To: Nebraska Tourism Industry Partners

From: Callie Austad, Nebraska Tourism Commission

Re: 2023, 2024 & 2025 Tourism Conference Request for Proposal


The Nebraska Tourism Commission is accepting bids from communities to host the Nebraska Tourism

Conference for 2023, 2024, and 2025.

Tourism professionals from across Nebraska attend the Tourism Conference each year to network with

colleagues, attend educational workshops, listen to local as well as national speakers, and to reward

outstanding tourism efforts at the Nebraska Tourism Awards Banquet. The Nebraska Tourism

Conference is the premier meeting opportunity for the states travel industry. The conference is held

during the third week of October, typically taking place from Tuesday through Thursday.

Future Conference Dates:

Please review the enclosed schedule, requirements for lodging and meeting space, host community

responsibilities and facility needs. Chambers and CVBs should work with local lodging properties or

conference centers to submit one bid per community.

Send your submission to:

Nebraska Tourism Commission

Attn: Callie Austad

301 Centennial Mall S.

Lincoln, NE 68509

Bid submissions must be emailed to [email protected] or postmarked by Friday, March 27,

2020. Submissions received after this date will not be considered.

Bid Timeline:

 Proposal Submission Deadline Friday, March 27, 2020

 Site Visit April 2020

 Notification of 2023, 2024 & 2025 Conference Host Cities May 2020

Questions? Please contact Callie Austad at 402-471-7755 or [email protected]


October 17-19th, 2023


October 15-17th, 2024



October 14-16th, 2025



 The Commission makes all final decisions on speakers, themes, meals, sponsorships, delegate

notebooks, promotional materials, registration information and payments for speaker costs and

meals unless otherwise noted in duties of the CVB.

 No major decisions regarding the conference may be made without prior approval of the



 The site must be located in Nebraska.

 Preference will be given to facilities where the hotel and convention center are connected.

 The hotel and conference location must be convenient to an airport and surrounding activities.

 The room rate should be competitive for the area and will be taken into consideration during

the proposal evaluation.


 Host the conference in one facility. If an independent convention center is involved rather than

a hotel conference center, the community is responsible for all rental fees associated with the

conference and transportation between host hotel(s) and the conference site.

 Provide an evening social event (including activities, transportation to/from event location, food

and beverages). Hosts are encouraged to seek sponsorship to offset the cost for the evening.

 Provide an official welcome by a local dignitary (mayor, board president, city council

representative, etc.) at the first day lunch.

 Staff a community information booth adjacent to the registration table throughout the

conference. Including community information to attendees, pre/post tours and dining options.

 Host a networking break at the tourism conference prior to the year they are hosting.

 The host CVB can help the Commission by providing leads for local services, entertainers,

possible sponsors and potential speakers in the area.

 Distribute gift bags and/or locally sourced products either at information booth or in delegates

room (optional).

 Participate in conference planning.

 Assist in marketing the event by producing an initial “teaser” marketing piece to announce the


 Teaser Options:

 Creative marketing piece (cost including creation, printing and postage are covered by

host and it must be approved by Nebraska Tourism Marketing Team).

 Email Blast to Nebraska Tourism Mailing List (this serves as a personal invitation to the

host community).

 NTC is happy to help brainstorm creative ideas.

 This material will be the basis for marketing used throughout the conference. Files

should be provided to the marketing team so materials are consistent in development.

*If any of the expenses described as the communitys responsibility cannot be handled by the CVB or conference property, these

costs must be clearly outlined in the bid.


The host CVB can create and offer additional activities and/or a pre/post conference tour. The host

community covers all costs associated with this activity, including transportation, admission fees,

marketing materials, etc. If a pre/post conference tour is planned, the host CVB can recoup costs for the

tour by charging attendees with a separate fee (which the host CVB will collect). The Commission can

help with marketing the event and/or tour via its email listserv and other media.


 Host property brochure and map.

 Layout of meeting and exhibition space.

 AV equipment prices and capabilities.

 Sample lunch and dinner menus (include all prices, fees and gratuities).

 Lodging rates for single and double occupancy sleeping rooms.

 Number of available sleeping rooms that will be blocked and last date the block will be honored.

 All fees associated with equipment rental.

 Available parking and associated cost.


 Minimum: 150 sleeping rooms.

 Include room rate with all applicable tax. Include policies on room blocks, guarantees, and cut-

off dates.

 Any rooms paid for by Nebraska Tourism Commission must be at the current government per

diem rate and tax exempt.


 1 Banquet facility / General session room for 250 (rounds of 8 -10) and AV capability (entire


 3 5 Break-out meeting rooms available at concurrent times in classroom style for 75 (entire


 1 Secured storage room for the Nebraska Tourism Commissions use (entire conference). Its

preferred that the secured storage room is available one week prior to the conference start

date. This secured storage space is for pre-conference materials (i.e. sponsor shipments,

conference signage and banners).

 Exhibition space large enough to accommodate a minimum 30 8 areas for sponsors and exhibit

displays including tables and chairs and refreshment breaks stationary for the entire conference.

 Exhibition space to house the NETA Silent Auction allowing for minimum 10 6-8 draped tables in

a secured location near the refreshment break area, stationary for the entire conference.


Audio-visual system is required in all breakout meeting rooms, general session rooms, atrium or

common area and banquet/meal rooms. Clearly state in your bid proposal all conference space

capabilities and limitations. If accommodations or adjustments must be made due to meeting space

requirements, limitations and/or schedule requirements, please clearly address the limitation and what

adjustments may be required.

 AV needs: 2-4 LAV wireless microphones on site. Screen(s), AV cart, HDMI cords, VGA Cords, and

LCD projector(s) in meeting and banquet rooms.

 On-site AV staff.

 Speaker telephone for multiple call-in capability in at least one meeting room (requested but

not required).

 Wireless internet access in meeting rooms.


 NTC cannot sign any hotel contracts. A letter of intent for full amount to be paid will act as the agreement between the hotel and the state.

 NTC is tax exempt and will provide a certificate.

 NTC will provide any necessary Certificates of Insurance to disclose self-insurance.

 The state of Nebraska cannot agree to liquidated damages nor indemnity clauses.  NTC cannot pay for any alcohol costs.  NTC will not pay for any additions on any rooms (i.e. room service, safes, turndown services, pet

fees, movies, etc.). NO DEPOSITS Payment will be made in full following the conclusion of the conference. The Nebraska Tourism Commission will not make deposits of any kind prior to the Conference. TERMINATION DUE TO LOSS OF FUNDS This agreement will terminate in full or in part, at the discretion of the Commission, in the event the Commission suffers a loss of funding or termination of the funds which permit it to fund the program. In the event the Commission suffers a loss of funding, the Commission will give written notice which will set forth the effective date or full partial termination, or if a change in funding is required, setting forth the change in funding and the changes in approved budget. SELECTION COMMITTEE The NTC conference planners will review all proposals and make a recommendation to the Nebraska Tourism Commissioners. The Nebraska Tourism Commissioners have final approval. Please use the form below as your cover. Thank you.


Host Entity Contact Information To be completed and submitted with proposal by host entity

Proposed Conference Dates: ___________________________________________________________ Host Entity Name: ____________________________________________________________________ Contact Name: _______________________________________________________________________ Contact Address: _____________________________________________________________________ Contact Phone: _______________________________________________________________________ Conference Site Name and Location: ______________________________________________________ Hotel Name and Location (if different than conference): _______________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ Conference Site/Hotel Contact Name: _____________________________________________________ Conference Site/Hotel Contact Phone: _____________________________________________________ Conference Site/Hotel Contact Email: _____________________________________________________


October 17-19th


October 15-17th


October 14-16th

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