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The assignment is to create a multimedia presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, Animoto, etc) on a legendary figure, place, item, or event from world literature (1600 CE or earlier). It should contain roughly 800-1000 words of text and some form or forms of other media (art, music, etc.).  This length requirement will bend a bit depending on the project type, so contact me with any questions you have.


Note that all writing in the project should be original; the projects will be run through Turnitin upon submission, and all distinctive matching information caught by Turnitin must be formatted as a quotation. DO NOT copy-paste material without immediately marking it as a quotation and citing it. Any multimedia (art, music) inserted or linked in the presentation should also include full bibliographic information.


All projects should have:


A title slide.
MLA, APA, or Chicago citations/works cited page.
The project’s text should be 800-1000 words long or so.


As long as the project has all of these items, you can let your imaginations roam to come up with something really creative.


Guidelines for Choosing an Topic


The chosen figure/place/event/item should be known before 1600 CE and  be primarily legendary or mythological, not historical. The presentation needs to include a combination of information and analysis, so make sure to choose a figure, etc. that lends itself to analysis.




Required sources:


at least 5 secondary/critical sources; 2 must be peer-reviewed
at least 1 primary source (literary text, artwork) written/created before 1600


Rough draft due Friday night. 

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