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Performance Management Coaching Simulation

Meeting Notes

How will you address the following questions:

· How will you greet the manager and begin the conversation to create an open dialogue yet address accountabilities, organizational expectations, etc.?

· How will you start the coaching session with Max the manager and how will you help Max to feel comfortable talking with you while still establishing his responsibility as a manager for Global ProTech? 

· Consider strategies for reviewing the Global ProTech performance management system with Max to best elicit his receptivity to changing his current behavior(s) and practices.

· How will you help Max discover and articulate the next steps he needs to take?

· How might you end the coaching session, e.g., is it important to establish a follow up meeting with him, do you need to coach Max to meet with Jill within a short timeframe, etc.? 

Meeting Goals


Key Topics to Cover


Follow-Up/Action Items


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