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The best fit is a contingency approach at the generalised level, while the term best practice acts as a universal approach. The best fit is based on the prospect of picking effective HR policies and practices depending on matching them appropriately as per the organisational culture. The best practice model in HR claims that certain HR activities improve overall organisational performance to reach competitive advantage irrespective of the organisational setting.

Strategy formulation in HRM includes converting the inputs from the strategic analysis stage into a relevant business plan. Specifically, the plan includes developing a competitive strategy that reflects the organisational strength and culture. The strategic role of an HR manager is to determine the possible process to identify and resolve the issues at the workplace and attract a diverse workforce. A diverse workforce is attracted through the use of an effective selection process. The Australian job market has been discussed in the second media article. Some solutions and suggestions have been added in the same section, and the sources have been added to the first table.

. There is information about today’s Human resource and their management process in the fourth media, and there is a solution and recommendation in the same section. And after that, there is a table about the resource of those articles. The gift article is about the communicational skills gaps and how to overcome them. Lastly, the sixth article is about how to boost manufacturing in Australia and the current situation of Australia regarding Australian manufacturing. Thus, strategic intervention within the domain of HRM can help in reducing issues promising highly skilled employees. The strategic intervention in HR helps in retaining skilled candidates while creating a talented pipeline.


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The hiring process is one of the main reasons for a company’s success and even failure, efficiency and inefficiency. In other words, the hiring process is one of the principal prospects of a company as employees and management are considered the company’s primary architecture. Unfortunately, companies make a huge mistake in hiring, which results in the significant productivity issue due to the poor hiring processing. One of the main reasons for this mishap is that many companies, firms, and corporations appoint a technically qualified person for hiring people. They usually look for an employee or management who is perfectly fit for a particular position rather than choosing or appointing a person with solid characteristics. In other cases, the Human Resource department appoints some inexperienced people to the hiring department. The best fit model plays an important role in the given scenario with a contingency approach that effectively matches the organisation’s environment.

As a result, the work process of hiring is neither practical nor efficient in many ways. Organisations must appoint deserving people to hire as it determines the company’s future, firm, organisation, or corporate as it determines the company’s productivity on a very high level (Financial review.com, 2021). Therefore, the hiring department constantly looks for people who are already experienced in recruitment for critical positions such as HR, Environmental Management, Cultural Leader, Finance Management, and other critical positions but with excellent characteristics. However, inexperienced people can be hired in minor positions, but the characteristics should always be up to the mark. In addition to that, the recruitment department also should test the candidate in terms of how he reacts in terms of any pressurised situation. In other words, recruitment should always be done not only with technical skills and those who are experienced in a specific field but also with those who have a significant characteristic which brings a positive effect to the company and its productivity.

The Australian job market is quite possibly the most effective work advertises worldwide, in front of many created nations. Notwithstanding, the pandemic has carried difficulties with it. The world has effectively seen a worldwide lockdown in 2020, which also gets a huge downturn in the world occupation market, including Australia. A few pundits even said that it is okay to enlist and work distantly during a pandemic. Yet, it will affect usefulness by an impressive edge whenever preceded with post-pandemic (The Sydney Morning Herald.com.AU, 2021). However, some critics also suggested that this cannot always be true. Companies can function remotely without having any issues with productivity. However, some studies suggest that recruitment must be innovative, talents and skills must be more mobile, and the approach should be more competitive.

In the early days, the companies used to fill up their work pool with people with the same talent or skills that the specific company is developed. However, this approach is ineffective in today’s world as many versatile companies arrive in the Australian market. Therefore, it becomes indispensable for companies to fill up their work pool with differently skilled people to push those companies’ productivity to its limit. In a report, 78 per cent of professionals think or suggest that recruitment be done remotely with virtual recruitment. This gives a good perspective on healthcare and security and makes recruitment more accessible and practical.

On the other hand, 72 per cent of professionals are confident that this will become a new standard in recruiting (McGahan, 2019). Not only can that, but the deployment also is done remotely to increment efficiency and effectiveness in every section of a company. In other words, flexibility is one of the best aspects for a company and also a post.

Media article 1 (Title, publisher, date) Title- How To Get The Hiring Process Right Publisher- The Australian Financial Review Date- August 27, 2020Media article 2           (Title, publisher, date)Title- The Future Of The Australian Job Market Publisher- The Sydney Morning Herald Date- May 21, 2021Lecture Week Week 4

Employees are considered the backbone of a company. Employees can affect both positive and negative aspects of a company’s productivity and management. One of the main problems a company and its management face is the disengagement of employees. According to a study, a disengaged or disengaged employee disengaged from a task can cause significant inefficiency and deliver 21 per cent less Profit (The Sydney Morning Herald.com.AU, 2021). According to the same study, having a disengaged employee delivers 59 per cent more turnover than an engaged employee. Unfortunately, many companies worldwide, including Australia, know very little about managing those disengaged employees. The most common way is to sack the employee and replace him/her with a new one. However, it can be devastating as the disengaged employee becomes more productive than the recruit in many cases. This can be easily handled by good leadership skills and empathy towards the employee.

In most cases, disengagement is triggered by rightness or some emotional trauma. However, sometimes, the role of the firm or the company is much more than the employees themself. Some cases of this type of disengagement are seen in an employee because of poor management and behaviour towards the management (Foss, & Klein2017). In addition to that, 78 per cent of the disengagement of employees is because of the poor behaviour of the company or management towards the employees.

The Human Resource Department is the core of a body of a company, firm, corporation, or even a business. The role of the Human Resource department is limitless in a functional body. The human resource manages many aspects of a company, from cultural to environmental, from recruitment to deployment, from employees to management. However, the role of Human resources in the modern day is questionable.

A few scholars even say that if managers disregard a critical issue or glitch, they need to settle it themselves. There are numerous issues that an organisation can look in its work fix, like the support of the client, different social issues, natural issues, authoritative difficulties and rules, the board issue, and so on it is the work of the human asset to determine every one of the basic issues both interior and outer, so the usefulness of the organisation should not be influenced. In any case, present day HR’s disregard some basic issues yet don’t address them sufficiently as an issue with the goal that representatives themselves can tackle them (Paul, 2020). A few issues are connected straightforwardly to the organisation, like usefulness and productivity.

The primary purpose of Human resources is to deploy the right person at the right time in the right place. This is directly linked to the company’s productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. However, it can be seen in many cases that the Human Resource failed miserably in the first term and then repeated the same second time (The Sydney Morning Herald.com.AU, 2021). In other words, they didn’t adapt to the environment and changed their strategy accordingly. Hence, it is significant for today’s Human Resource management to work, act, deploy after analysing the current social, environmental, cultural aspects of a situation. Overall, the role of Human Resource should remain diverse and manage all the problems according to the situation.

Media article 3 (Title, publisher, date)Title- How to handle the disengaged employee Publisher- The Sydney Morning Herald Date- July 31, 2021Media article 4 (Title, publisher, date)Title- HR’s modern-day role needs examining Publisher- The Sydney Morning Herald Date- August 22, 2020Lecture Week Week 2

According to a survey, many employees feel uncomfortable asking for a pay raise or promotion in general for their hard work. Many employees described their job insecurity and did not connect or navigate properly with management or administrators like HR. This has been seen in many employees regardless of the size or brand value of the company. This type of thing happens for a simple issue called communication gap among the employees and management. Some employees even do not know how to ask for it in the sense of amount or post. Even an employee made a sum of an amount as a pay raise, but they feel insecure if they deserve that amount or even more or less sometimes. According to a study, 78 per cent of employees are concerned about their post or job and find it unnecessary to have a conversation about a Pay rise (The Sidney Morning Herald.com.AU, 2021). The general and easy solution to this cause is to increase the communicational skills among the employees so that they express themselves more thoroughly and adequately. This communication gap is also very harmful not only for that employee but also for the company as a whole (Bondarouk,  Trullen &Valverde, 2018). This communication gap is hazardous for a firm as a communication gap can often cause a severe problem or issue not to be addressed or noticed. This can be a severe efficiency and effectiveness problem in any sector or company as a whole. That is why every company should consider having communication training among the employees and the management. Thus, it ends the communicational gaps between the employee, managers, and HR and increases their productivity, including increment of efficiency and effectiveness (Pourkhani et al., 2019). In addition to that, this kind of training also helps address and resolve both critical and minor issues.

Australian manufacturing has been affected by this recent pandemic of COVID 19. The world government, including Australia, has suggested working with half of a company’s workforce, and even many companies and manufacturers have been shut down because of this pandemic. However, after the pandemic, many specialists and professionals think and suggest that the whole architecture of Australian manufacture should be taken as an initiative. A tactical or/and a Strategic plan is very needed for a revival of Australian manufacturing. To offer greater sustainability towards Australian manufacturing, a package of 1.5 billion Dollars is essential. The companies and the government must think, work, and execute a plan according to the manufacturer per capita in Australia. The government should also promote SMEs and self-employment as the SMEs single-handedly produce 98 per cent of the jobs worldwide, which is a massive number (McGahan, 2019). Not only do SMEs produce jobs all around Australia, but they also increase product manufacturing in Australia. As Mr O. Connor, a specialist in Human Resource said, “Australia’s industry policy is crying out for coordination – a capability to draw upon research from industry, universities to drive innovation and productivity, exploit market opportunities and capitalise on major national and global issues and opportunities,” (The Sidney Morning Herald.com.AU, 2021). In addition to that, the sum of 105 billion is enough to boost the SMEs and start-up new SME’s and significantly a total sum of 52.8 Million Dollars to the Local Australian companies that boost the Australian economy and drastically increase the manufacturing capability of companies in Australia.

Media article 5 (Title, publisher, date) Title- How to navigate tough workplace conversations during the communal crisis Publisher- The Sydney Morning Herald Date- October 9, 2020Media article 6 (Title, publisher, date)Title- ‘Strategic, tactical’ plan needed to reboot Australian manufacturing: Labor Publisher- The Sydney Morning Herald Date- November 25, 2020Lecture Week Week 3

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