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Consider the following fact pattern: Claimant, Stephanie Britton, was a young female employee working at the Florida Light and Power Authority. Several of the male employees commented daily on her tight fitting clothing. She was continually asked on dates by several of her male co-workers but she always refused, asserting that she was not interested in dating her co-workers. On several occasions, while on the job, she overheard her male co-workers engage in sexual conversations, most distressingly discussions about her body parts. She repeatedly told management about the sexual comments. The employer took no action to discipline the male employees or otherwise change the workplace environment. She eventually quit the job but filed an action with the EEOC claiming that she was forced to leave the job because she was sexually decimated against.

Perform an internet based research inquiry. Find any relevant statutes and at least two precedent cases related to the fact pattern. If you were the EEOC claims’ officer hearing Stephanie’s case, what factor would you find most important in your review. Based upon the cases and statute do you believe that Stephanie will prevail in her claim? Why or why not?

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