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Find a current article re: to Malpractice,
Write a 2-3-page paper analyzing the article based on the assigned class reading, your opinions
considering any counter argument. Attach article.

Sample Solution

he purpose of this study is to explore the impact that social media is having on the fashion industry. The reason for my interest in this topic is that I have grown up with the development of social media and have always been very interested in fashion, therefore I wanted to see how the two impacted each other. I will look into any evidence I find to see if there have been many direct effects on the fashion industry. In terms of the range of material that I managed to find, there is several articles and scholarly sources that have looked in to the changes that social media has had on the fashion industry. The data in these sources was collected by theorists and sociologists who have done their own primary research on these social media platforms and have gathered the findings themselves. This is the same for the articles that I found as they had made their own observations on what is on social media. These studies do not all give direct evidence, but all relate to the themes that I am looking into and allow room for assumptions. I explored the main themes that I identified when doing my research: marketing and social media, body image and bloggers which can all relate to the impact that social media has had on the fashion industry. The evidence that I found in these sources coincides well with what I found when doing my own investigation of social media and different brands profiles. The only limitations that some of the evidence may have are that they are based on personal opinion rather than fact. For further research I would like to find more figures to solidify and confirm the findings about social media. CHAPTER ONE: Social Media. Instagram is one of the most used and influential social media platforms in everyday life and in the fashion industry. It is an app where people can upload their own pictures and choose to follow friends, trends, influencers and even brands. This app has been researched by many people in terms of how it is used for marketing and the effects it has on body image. The impact it has had has been massive as “Recent figures show that Instagram alone has a significant share of posts that belong to the fashion category.” (Khamhampati, 2014), the rise of society’s interest in other people’s lives has helped brands because they operate by dispersing the work of creating and engaging with images into consumers everyday lives.>

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