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Part A: (CONGRESS) Explain in detail, the relationship between Congress and the president(site US Constitution, supreme court cases). Be sure to explain the balance of power and oversight and how the Congress reflect the wishes of the Framers. Also compare/contrast in details the power of Congress and the difference between the House of Representatives and the Senate. Finally in your opinion , should the make up of Congress reflect the make up of American people?
PartB: (THE PRESIDENCY) Explain in detail how the power of the president and the Congress have changed in terms of influencing legislation and the role of president in the legislative process. Compare and contrast in details how the expansion of presidential powers can affect the system of checks and balances envisioned by the Framers.

Part c 🙁 THE JUDICIARY) explain in detail the racial, ethnic and gender make up of the US Supreme Court, do race, Gender, ethnicity, political affiliation have any role in the courts decision making? Finally, discuss the nomination criteria used for presidents in appointing justices to the Supreme Court.

Sample Solution

“State and capital owners transfer large resources to the media sector. This resource will lead to media outlets, either mainstream or “agenda-setters”. According to Chomsky and Herman, this situation causes that the media lose its polyphony and move itself away from the public journalism” (Temel, 2014: 9). Chomsky and Herman assume that the information required for systematic and aggressive propaganda by government and global corporations is transformed by filters into news that will serve the common interests of governments and corporations. In “Manufacturing Consent”, War of Vietnam has been indicated as an example of this situation. Herman and Chomsky argued that the casualties of the war with North Vietnam were regarded as “Worthy Victims” by the media and claimed that civilian casualties in American bombardment were not brought to the agenda in South Vietnam, and that the “Unworthy Victim” treatment was shown. (Chomsky and Herman, 2006; Temel, 2014: 9). On the other hand, Bernard Cohen notes in a theoretical work he has developed in the 1960s based on Lippman’s ideas: “The media may not be effective in determining what people will think, but it is successful in determining what they will think about” (Oktay, 2002: 45-48; Bekci, 2013: 13). “What Cohen wants to emphasize here is that the media will not be able to influence society’s idea on a particular issue, but will able to influence what society will talk about” (Bekci, 2013: 13). Bekci (2013: 16), summarizes Manufacturing Consent as highly controversial in terms of internal and foreign policy. “Besides, the concept emerges as an approach based on Marxist foundations that have found extensive coverage in the academic literature. In this respect; it can be said that it has brought a critical viewpoint to the media in both political and economic sense. But to say that the media will have no influence on political power in any sense means to deny the media’s individual and social power. The fact that the media has made social and individual influence contradicts this approach at this poin>

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