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Instructions: You must interview a member or representative of a non-profit organization (e.g. homeless shelter, YMCA, local youth organization, habitat for humanity, red cross, etc) in order to better understand the organization and its goals. These questions are meant to guide the interview process only. You may find that additional details or clarity is needed, so feel free to ask follow up questions as necessary. While conducting your interview, be sure to allow your interviewee to finish responding before moving on to the next question. Taking notes during the interview is critical. You are required to submit both interview responses and notes in order to receive credit.

  1. What is the history of this organization?
    a. The YMCA began in London, England in 1844 by a young man in his early 20s named George Williams. He started a bible study for young men that left their homes during the Industrial Revolution to help them from the uncleanness of the world.
  2. What is the purpose of the organization?
    a. The purpose of the organization is to provide opportunities and resources to all in the community through programs that help build mind, body and spirit.
  3. Is there a mission statement? What is it?
    a. To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.
  4. What group(s) of people does this organization serve?
    a. All groups (youth, adults, elderly and special needs)
  5. What social problem(s) does this organization address or help to remedy?
    a. The Y identifies the needs of the community it serves and seeks to provide support and remedy.
  6. What differentiates this organization from similar organizations?
    a. The differential factor for the Y in comparison to similar organizations is that the Y serves all groups and does not just focus on one group or focus. The Y has three areas of focus: Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility.
  7. What are the roles of members of this organization?
    a. Not sure what this question is asking…
  8. What are the responsibilities of members of this organization?
    a. Not sure what this question is asking…
  9. How important are volunteers to this organization?
    a. Volunteers are critical to this organization. The Y began with volunteers supporting the operation with very little paid staff. Now the Y has more paid staff and less volunteers, however volunteers support the fundraising/charitable efforts and facilitation of programs.
  10. What responsibilities do volunteers have?
    a. The responsibilities of volunteers vary per YMCA. However, many Y’s utilize the help of volunteers to raise funds to support scholarships and the facilitation of programs such as coaching youth basketball.
  11. Does this organization collaborate with similar organizations on a local, regional, or national level?
    a. Not sure about “similar”, however the Y does collaborate with other organizations.
  12. What are the main obstacles that inhibit the fulfillment of the mission?
    a. The main obstacle would be not raising enough funds or having the operational revenue to assist with ensuring no one is turned away from the Y due to the inability to pay.
  13. What are the organization’s annual goals, needs, and results?
    a. Each year and each Y have different goals, needs and results. The strategic plans are determined and set by the CEO and Board of Directors.
  14. How is this organization funded?
    a. Operational revenue, state and government funding and donations.
  15. What examples can you share about people or communities that have been positively impacted by this organization?
    a. Check out www.ymcaeastvalley.org to see Y stories from the YMCA of the East Valley. Many Y’s will share this on their websites, social media and printed materials.

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This page of the exposition has 3131 words. Download the full form above. This theory is about the theme security mindfulness. Indeed it is tied in with making security mindfulness. As portrayed in the exploration representatives get themselves abroad chipping away at designing undertakings for Tideway Offshore Solutions. Rules and guidelines for wellbeing and security are exacting on board sends and in port offices. During movement in land abroad these guidelines are not or once in a while present. Organizations still have the duty to think about the security and prosperity of representatives. Representatives do should have the option to travel securely in these occasionally high hazard nations. Representatives in these cases have a duty to agree to the guidelines set by the businesses. For example an undertaking director is visiting a quarry where rocks are pulled from for a venture. He/she goes from the ship or air terminal to the area. 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Chapter by chapter guide 1 Introduction 2 Motivation 3 Crime scene in Mexico 4 Research of writing 5 Results 6 Advice Index A Laws and Regulations Index B Actors Index C Research strategies Index D Quality protection Index E Correspondence with Mexican government office Index F Correspondence with Shell Index G Project security arrangement Informative supplement H Effective correspondence 1 Introduction In this area of the exploration, the meaning of security mindfulness, constraints on look into, the seaward business, the exercises of Tideway Offshore Solutions (further alluded to as Tideway), the field of security and the obligations of a QHSE-S office inside the organization are clarified. Adjusting opportunity and security is a test for majority rules systems just as organizations. 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The objective is additionally to utilize laws and guidelines to portray that consideration regarding security mindfulness is by implication constrained by law on organizations. Correlation of laws in various nations will furnish Tideway with lucidity of how various wrongdoings are rebuffed and characterized in various nations. Moreover this exploration will portray if the jobs and duties of various on-screen characters change individual to the nations. Perceiving this already can cause taking activities when episodes to do happen simpler. By utilizing the various entertainers in the field of security to pick up information and to buy in this learning with writing on how security mindfulness ought to be framed inside an organization, a checked and coordinated counsel on security mindfulness is shaped. 1.1 Research Proposition Question By what method would tideway be able to build security mindfulness among their faculty during movement from boats and work locales to in land areas in Mexico? Sub-Questions To respond to the postulation question a few sub-questions are replied. First the laws and guidelines ought to be evaluated on their significance to security mindfulness during movement. Following this exploration it is critical to see how laws and guidelines impact the present security mindfulness arrangement. Thirdly it is critical to see which entertainers inside the seaward business are most significant for Tideway in framing a security arrangement. At that point through a poll it will be looked into how mindful workers are of security dangers. At long last in asking how Tideway can impart viably about security attention to their work force will help the organization in keeping representatives security mindful. Vision As a universal organization working abroad just as in European waters Tideway experiences security circumstances in high hazard conditions. Security mindfulness ought to be the foundation of an organization’s security strategy and culture. It isn’t the specialized wellbeing estimates that have the most effect on security inside an organization however the security culture that has the greatest effect. A security mindfulness program for Tideway is best if representatives feel capable about security. In addition to the fact that employees need to be security full grown, yet in addition the higher administration of Tideway ought to give the executives backing to this culture. As good examples, supervisors structure a vital part in this procedure. Representatives should recognize what should be accounted for, and to whom it should be accounted for, how to deal with basic circumstances and who to contact inside (organizer or the board) and remotely (private or open crisis responders) from the organization. Also, it is basic to realize how to contact the people in control. Moreover a culture of security with workers, a reasonable depiction of what to write in episode reports like who did it, what occurred, where it occurred, when it occurred and the people or articles included which can enable the organization to gain from occurrences later on. Representatives should recognize what to pay special mind to in the earth and realize what to do in the event of crisis. It ought to be clear which security systems to pursue. Are present security techniques up to standard? The present relationship of the organization with law requirement offices likewise is significant. Knowing who you collaborate with and having met them previously or even better knowing them all the more intently causes cooperating simpler when episodes to do occur. Realizing who has power to call who if there should be an occurrence of crisis makes for better emergency the executives. Because of the every day exercises of Tideway, representatives will in general overlook the dangers of fear based oppression as is likewise the situation in open society. A major test is to know at what minute security mindfulness starts blurring, smugness is setting in, and at what minute tender loving care is decreased. Representatives should know the potential dangers they experience in a particular territory. Hazard classifications partitioned in like manner zones ought to be made (Incorperating transportation security mindfulness in to routine state DOT activities and preparing, 2014). The best approach is to accomplish a hazard explicit administration methodology. In the exhortation security mindfulness is estimated by two models for culture inside organizations. In a perfect world the administration should go for the degree of Generative (Shell model) and Effective (Gartner model) for self manageable security mindfulness culture of the most elevated level. To produce a wide view on security mindfulness different sources are joined in finding a genuine definition. Security in some writing is characterized as the opportunity from any deliberate mischief or conditions. As per some security specialists, mindfulness isn’t preparing yet the consideration for security issue>

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