We can work on In-Class Activity The Modern Chinese World

Provide the following information about the topic shown in the photo you selected:

The photo is under the attachment (Handover of Hong Kong)

Historic background: Period of time, important characters involvedImportant information about the theme: Photos, articles, video clipsDifferent viewpoints from westerners and Chinese governments, scholars and journalistsConclusion: A balanced viewpoint of the topic on its aftermath or influence

Format: 5 minutes presentation with slideshow recording

Submission: Upload your presentation video by March 23rd 5 p.m.

·Blackboard > In-class activity submissions > In-class activity: Week 9Credibility: Present the topic with content from the class readings and other credible/verifiable resources:Generally verifiable sources: International newspaper, government statements, scholarly articles (in academic journals, museums websites, research institutes)Unverifiable sources: Wikipedia, informal/not reviewed statements on social media platform, TED talk

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