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  1. How have gender differences (or similarities) played a role in your communication or interactions with your Partner? Give an example to support your answer. Now, after having read the chapter and absorbed the lectures, will you change the way you communicate with your Partner? If yes, how? If no, why not? 2. What co-cultures are you and your Partner members of? Are they the same or different? Are they high- or low-context cultures, masculine or feminine? Provide examples of when cultural differences created difficulties in your communication with your Partner. Looking forward, what will you do differently when communicating with a partner who identifies with a different culture or co-culture? 3. If you and your Partner are from different cultures or co-cultures, what barriers did you have to overcome in your relationship? How did you overcome them? Are there additional (or the same) barriers you need to address in the future? How might you address them? 4. How did you learn your cultural values (masculine vs. feminine, individual vs. group, tolerance for uncertainty vs. need for certainty, concentrated vs. decentralized power)? Through enculturation or acculturation (or both)? How have those values affected your communication and relationship with your Partner? Give an example of how you and your Partner have developed a “third culture”?

Sample Solution

What is the mother loving strategy when you have a weapon to your head” (Set it Ooff-Frankie). Those are the final words Frankie says before she is shot and murdered by the LAPD. Set it Off is a wrongdoing motion picture, that pursues the battle and lives of four extraordinary, however comparative African-American ladies in the tasks of Los Angeles. All their autonomous battles meet up to make the peak to the motion picture. It establishes the pace and causes their lives all to relate back to one another. The story centers around four principle characters: Cleo (Queen Latifah), Stony (Jade Pinkett-Smith), Tisean (Kimberley Elise), and Frankie (Vivica A. Fox). Cleo, Frankie, Tisean, and Stony are for the most part closest companions and have their own battles and all concur they need to get up and put of the tasks and start to live the American dream. Set it off is a move, wrongdoing show that happens in the undertakings of LA. The majority of the female characters have lived in the tasks as long as they can remember and find that burglarizing banks would be their lone way out. Frankie, having worked at banks for quite a long time earlier, feels that her insight into the bank framework implied that they could get in and out of the banks rapidly and with a great deal of cash. From the outset Stony and T.T. try not to concur with the thought, until they have their own battle that pushes them over the farthest point. Stony’s sibling, Stevie, was fiercely killed by the LAPD, and T.T’s. child was taking taken by tyke administrations for a business related mishap. After these catastrophes happened to the next two women, they consent to help ransack the banks. From the outset they are fruitful and they escape the initial couple of time, until they ransack Downtown Federal where police investigators just gave a brief on the series of thefts react to the quiet alert. When they land back at the bank they, are in a showdown with three of the ladies and T.T. winds up getting shot and later kick the bucket’s in Frankie’s arms. This prompts a police quest for the rest of the young ladies and furthermore the demise of Frankie and Cleo. Frankie out of the four ladies had the best life; she as of late got an advancement at her specific employment, where she is a bank employee. This all progressions when a few hooligans from the undertakings come into the bank and loot it. Frankie is delayed to surrender the cash so one of the looters snatches a more established woman and shoots her directly before her. After the burglary she is met by investigators from the LAPD about her connection with the looters. After the criminologists are through with the meeting, her supervisor fires her on the spot for the way that she knew the looters. Afte>

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