We can work on How social media become a major platform for consumer reviews and advertising on media content

How has social media become a major platform for consumer reviews and advertising on media content?

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different message. For instance, raven has croak sound means there is a cat or croak sound means there is a human or croak sound means there is an eagle or other hunting birds. These croaks have two kinds; one is the general croak which we hear every day “cr-r-ruck” while the other sound is like pigeons. Ravens use the second sound to communicate with flock. Ravens can send information during their communication means which means they are able to transfer information for many generations. This is considered to be the first sign of equipment and cultural development [10], [11]. Dolphin: each Dolphin has a name which is different from others. They are able to communicate in complex way, learn sign language and linguistic and logical differentiation. For example, bring X to Y or bring Y to X if we consume that we have water ball and water polo game. Dolphin can differentiate if we ask him to bring the ball from water polo or vice versa. African grey parrot has the ability to link three words within logical speech context in addition to using more words that parrots use to get positive motivations [12]. Elephants’ intelligence and the ability to recognize their-selves make him elected and unique to develop more communication means especially if they are living with herds. We have many evidences indicate that elephants’ cumulative knowledge pass through generations. Concerning communication, communication is simply the process of transferring information between two sides. By this general definition, the communication is spread among all creatures but it differs from one to another. For example, Frog plumps its body to give communicative way with enemy that its body is bigger than normal. Other planets blow chemical components through air to send different messages to different creatures according to current situation. Octopus changes its colour and camouflage to send false information about their existence areas.>

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