We can work on “History lesson” and “talk” by Natasha trethewey and Terrance Hayes

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Identify one or two literary elements in these two readings and compare and contrast how the author of these poems use them to advance their message

Sample Solution

his system is the cause of the still existing segregation and disadvantages of Black people in the United States. Because of the discriminatory laws and segregation during the Jim Crow period, African American are extremely disadvantaged when it comes to political rights and economic opportunities. African Americans, most often, live in poor urban neighborhoods, the so-called ghettos, because they were prevented from living in white neighborhoods by discriminatory real estate practices (Wacquant, 2001). Moreover, since education was also segregated and less money was put into Black schools, causing for lower quality teachers and teaching materials, children in black schools were less educated in comparison to white schools. This is a vicious cycle, in which the black people stay poor due to bad education, which in turn, leads to lower skilled jobs, less money, and thus, less opportunities for the future generations. On the other hand, the white majority, even though them being from different European countries, have had the privilege to make use of the opportunities taken away from the African Americans. They were able to take part in the industrial revolution, which led to them becoming the working class. However, one should keep in mind that this led to ethnic segmentation. This is due to the fact that ‘the American working class developed through the processes of chain or network migration’, which meant that some groups settled into a specific area in the United States due to work possibilities after which others with the same ethnic background followed (Castle et al, 2014, p.91). To conclude, to understand the present day events in the United States in regards to the African American minority in comparison to the white majority, one has to understand the migration flows, either forced or voluntary, during the colonial and post-colonial times. The Netherlands and Surinam: why does one want to go back to their colonial ruler? During colonial times and long after, the Netherlands were in charge of Surinam a>

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