We can work on History and Development of Islamic Thought: 1250 to Present

Given all the thinkers you have studied and understood in our class reader and through the various videos and articles that have been posted on our class bloodless site, what can you declare about the complexity of Islamic though, Think about how Muslims understand their key sources of the Quran and Sun nah of the Prophet Muhammad and the historical forces that dominate the environment which they live? How do these social, political, economic, historic. and geographic forces intersect and form Islamic thought?

Sample Solution

n small before it became small. Moreover, if things only became smaller, and not larger, eventually everything would be miniscule. And if it was the other way around, where everything only became larger, and not smaller, everything would eventually be one thing, because everything would have joined together. If this were the case then we would notice that things only become smaller, shorter, or uglier, and never their opposites, or vice versa. Socrates shows that things do transition from two opposites, by referencing to observable examples. He contrasts this to death, and claims that there has to be a cycle of becoming alive and becoming dead, or else everything would become dead, or vice versa. The analogies that Socrates uses are applicable to every corporeal thing in the universe. Everything is either large or small, tall or short, etcetera. He claims that there is a process of becoming from its opposite (e.g. something becoming larger from being small), and that this process is cyclical. For if everythi>

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