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Service Learning Project

HHS 497: Health and Human Service

In healthcare sector, it is always the desire of the management to have an effectively working organization. This is not always the case due to some challenges that comes with strategies and plans in place. The case is more challenging when the organization fails to create and maintain a capacity through which successfully recruited employees can be maintained so that they can make use of the skills the best for the benefit of the organization. Organizations offering services to a diverse population and hiring a diverse taskforce should hence have a culturally diverse culture for the purpose of embracing all people.

Service project identification

The Metropolitan Health and Human Services (MHHS) is a mid-sized community-based health and human services organizations. The nonprofit organization has been in business for the last 25 years and the facility addresses some of critical health issues affecting members of the two communities in which the organization operates. From the MHHS case study provided, it is evident there is a major challenge facing the organization in terms of leadership. One of the noted current issues by the newly hired CEO is that for the past 10 years, the organization has gone through leadership change approximately 4 times. It is challenging to note that the organization has had three leaders leaving the organization only one year after their recruitment and the one that lasted longer worked for three years.

The organization also has never had a female leader and this makes the new CEO an exception from the fact that she is female. It is evident there is a problem in retaining employees and it is important to resolve this challenge for the purpose of protecting the future of the company. There could be massive underlying factors behind high labor turnover more so on leadership positions (In J. R. Knickman & Kovner, Eds). This service project shall focus on developing a comprehensive plan to implement culturally sensitive practices within the organization. To attain quality and desirable outcomes, the comprehensive plan to include a recruitment plan as well as a retention strategy for a more diverse workforce.

Ways the project support MHHS Case Study

According to the case study, hired leaders do not last long at the organization and this means that the organization is faced with leadership changes every so often. The manner in which leaders are maintained determines the quality of working environment an organization has. MHHS is likely to have unfavorable working environment for leaders given the situation that organization directors do not seem to understand their roles and keeps on interfering with day to day employees operation which interferes with the manner in which leaders operate within the organization. Coming up with a comprehensive plan that implements culturally sensitive practices is one of the most applicable solutions (Osmosis, 2018). This is because the plan would incorporate a reliable recruitment plan that would lead to fetching eligible and reliable leaders and workforce for the organization as well as other retention strategies that will see to it that directors do not interfere with leadership roles, employees are motivated, and that rate of labor turnover is reduced.

Theoretical perspective

Leiningers theory is an important theory more so in the healthcare sector as it claims there is no way nurses can separate worldview, cultural beliefs, and or social structure factors from health, wellness, care, and illness when working with people from different cultures because they are closely linked and integrated (McFarland, & Wehbe-Alamah, 2019). From the Leiningers theory it is evident employees when working in a diverse taskforce are easily to resign only when they feel offended and probably their abilities underutilized. With coming up with a culturally sensitive practice means that the organization would have a general and acceptable way of working for all employees despite the cultural diversity the organization has and this would grant all employees to make use of their talents, skills, and abilities to improve on their performance something that boosts levels of innovation and satisfaction.

Conclusion and recommendation

An organization is considered as a potential employer from the manner in which it is able to maintain its employees. There are signs of danger more so when an organization recruits leaders and finds it hard to sustain them. The more reason is that such leaders moves to other organization with skills and competence gathered from their previous workplace. MHHS is a great organization dealing in critical health services. The fact that the organization is working in a diverse population only means and dealing with diverse workers means that the situation should be handled with care and attention (In J. R. Knickman & Kovner, Eds.). For this reason, it is highly recommendable for the organization to have cultural practices that embraces employees and clients from all cultures and the strategies to be strong enough to maintain a positive relationship. By so doing, the organization would be able to benefit from diverse competences, creativity, and support from the stakeholders a situation that would lead to growth and advancement.


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