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Last Fall, the Trump Administration published the 2018 National Climate Assessment, found here at this link: https://nca2018.globalchange.gov/. (Links to an external site.) A 12-part summary is provided on the website, which suffices for the citation you use. The article was released on the day after Thanksgiving (“black friday”), which is a day that most people don’t watch the news. This raised concerns among many people that the administration was trying to purposefully “bury” the release of the report in this busy holiday weekend. Furthermore, when President trump was interviewed by reporters about the findings of the report, he said “I don’t believe it” and that the US is “the cleanest we’ve ever been”. Check the video out here:

In your discussion, please do the following things:

  • Briefly summarize each of the 12 parts of the summary included in the 2018 National Climate Assessment. For each of the 12 parts, somewhere between 3-5 sentences is an adequate minimum length.

-Discuss President Trump’s reaction to the findings of the report (as seen in the video above)

-Discuss why you think this rift exists between the President and his team on one side, and the findings of the report on the other side. You don’t need to take a side, but you can if you want to. Be specific and do some research for this part of the discussion. Don’t just write about vague generalities, and instead be insightful and thoughtful.

(This assignment meets GELO 2: Demonstrate ways in which science influences and is influenced by complex societies, including political and moral issues)

Please read the rules and regulations below concerning this assignment.

Your discussion needs to be at least 1000 words! Points will be taken off if your discussion is less than 1000 words. Also, your discussion must be written by you, in your own words. If you cut and paste text from another source, and present it as your own writing, you would be plagiarizing, and that can get you kicked out of the class, and the whole CSU system!

Also, please cite your sources using any legitimate citation method you are comfortable with. Points will be taken off for lacking or incorrect citations. Please write clearly and with complete sentences and proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

NO LATE PAPERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. November 21st at midnight is the hard deadline. No exceptions. In case you have trouble uploading the file at the last minute, I am leaving the inbox for the assignment open for an additional 24 hours.

Point Breakdown

Summaries of the report (12 total) (60 points)

Brief summary of the President’s stance about the findings of the report. (10 points)

Thoughtful discussion of why you think this contention exists. (30 points)

Writing quality (spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc.) (15 points)

Citations (must be cited properly, using in-text citations as well) (10 points)

Sample Solution

The term I.C.T, also called Information and Communication Technology, includes a serious wide scope of the extent of multi-dimensional correspondence foundations and frameworks utilized for improving viable interchanges in business and open association. As suggested by the shortened form and furthermore its full importance, the said correspondence happens at various levels and for various purposes, some of which must be verified, however every one of them share one thing in like manner: they are altogether upgraded through PCs and electronic systems. As of late, pretty much every association is needy or helped with one sort of correspondence hardware or another and the way that such correspondence foundations can be effectively connected to Information Technologies could be guaranteed as demonstrate of the significance of I.C.T in associations. To make this contention all the more clear, it is important to pinpoint some particular associations, both private and administrative whose activity will fall or exceptionally prevented, should the I.C.T part of it be evacuated or for reasons unknown stop to work. To make the image more clear, the associations to be broke down will be ordered and after that individual association will presently be put fix the class they have a place with before they are additionally dissected. The significant classes are Private and Governmental and from that point we take a gander at how the chains are associated and intertwined. This area is distinct into different other significant sub-classifications specifically: 1. Security: These are associations, for example, the security operators including the police, armed force, traditions, movement officials, common guard corps, and furthermore the mystery specialists. In this segment there is a great deal of correspondence and data trade going on, some of which are past the British fringes, for example our troopers in Iraq needs to make steady continuous interchanges by means of telephones, web, and other satellite-connected, remote innovation systems. They additionally need to speak with each other both as gatherings or companies and furthermore as person. Here, the correspondence system must be as verified as anyone might imagine. 2. Social: This identifies with everything from money related assistance to mental aides and furthermore political aides for outsiders, for example, haven searchers and different classes of foreigners. At this level likewise correspondence and effective data move is a need. Help-line telephone utilities that is introduced with modern programming for overseeing calls, at some point on a 24-hour premise and moving such calls naturally to the official answerable for every individual cases and furthermore to keep up a precise line where essential. A log of all the official exercises is made and put away in the fitting database, which is associated by means of LAN organizing framework and subsequently the web or intranet arrange framework to move the logged cases to other concerned workplaces inside the division or to the outside close and dread government offices for getting ready measurable information, (for example, spreadsheets), get ready spending plans or to advise consultations on vital social issues, for example, how to oversee illicit relocation into the nation. 3. Business: Sometimes, the legislature is additionally engaged with business adventures, particularly in the zone of social comforts, for example, power, broadcast communications, transportation, farming, and some exceptional creation areas, for example investigation and fare of mineral assets. 4. Training: Governments job in the instruction segment is high. From nurseries to University instruction and grown-up’s proficiency and professional trainings, the administration’s hands will consistently be found in the pie. To viably plan and screen the exercises in this division, the administration should be well furnished with the significant I.C.T. foundations. A decent database that is deciphered and composed by a decent spreadsheet programming. Suitable systems administration offices that will connect each arm of this training framework’s stepping stool to the observing divisions and segments must be set up. It must be noted here additionally that every one of the instruction levels have their individual fundamental I.C.T needs. For instance, At the optional school level, the instructor deals with his classes, calendars and participation register from a PC phone, most likely on Windows XP Professional Operating System and introduced with Bromcom’s Winfolder which is as of now form 2.03. This product is the one that gathers every day register for the educator from the school’s server, which is furnished with Bromcom’s e-School MIS adaptation is 2.10.2, the programming projects that readies the register prepared for a day or two ago. The instructor’s workstation is either associated either by means of the CAT5e links to the Ethernet LAN port which connections him to the server, or associated remotely by means of system cards. The server which most likely keeps running on Microsoft SQL houses the schools database and associates with the outside system framework by means of optic filaments of the sort Fiber Optic Multimode GBIC (1.25Gb/s bi-directional). The server is verified against control interferences using Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). UPS is a battery framework that empowers to server to continue working for a while in case of a power blackout, or enough time for it to securely close down if the power blackout is for an all-encompassing period. The instructor takes class participation to find out that all the enrolled understudies are in participation and send same through the web to the information base which is similarly associated with back-up capacity outside of the school premises to verify against coincidental information misfortune. The library framework is another complex I.C.T. framework that is dynamic both locally and furthermore on the system to the outside, running on powerful programming that encourages a progressively refreshed stockroom of data about the whereabouts of library materials and furthermore for considering materials that is in earnest need, or have outstayed with the borrower. 5. Wellbeing: Health is riches as the maxim goes. The administrations contribution in the wellbeing area in profound and this reaches from acquirement of emergency clinic types of gear to physical upkeep of the medical clinic premises-business and installment of wages. Checking of the considerable number of exercises at the wellbeing part is very significant and this regularly is done progressively or through other correspondence channels including composing on paper, which is printed out on a printer associated with PC framework associated with both intranet and web systems. The wellbeing part is without a doubt another prolific soil for the I.C.T. frameworks. In the event that we need to begin breaking down the manner by which the medical clinic, as a substance, works every day; we will perceive how arrangements are set up for telephone, and the specialists’ secretaries will keep a log of the arrangements, having sent a notice to the concerned specialist’s schedule of calendar. The patient may must be sent a printed letter of notice as a token of the arrangement date and time. Every one of these exercises are likewise put away in the office’s database, which is sent naturally to the medical clinics’ focal database, which most likely is furnished with different hard drives in a RAID cluster to enable the framework to keep working in case of the loss of any one hard drive and furthermore back-up tape drive, which permits a back-up of fundamental data and for a few duplicates of this information to be kept off site. The specialists, office and counseling room is furnished with PCs, which keep running on forward-thinking Operating Systems and furthermore have unique programming including therapeutic reference book, and perhaps old cases’ database, from which they could analyze troublesome cases and discover arrangements by means of the system. The specialists consistently record their finding on Dictaphones and this is most likely for offering to different partners for the wellbeing of knowledge, however our worry here is that every one of these supplies are I.C.T based. Heart-beat screens, hatcheries, ultra-check types of gear, X-beam and physiotherapy supplies and a lot more are spread all around the medical clinic. Patients get by on dialysis machines, which are checked through PC and system frameworks. 6. Organization: For organization purposes at all degrees of administration is the procedure subject to I.C.T frameworks: Databases, common enrollment numbers, national protection number, travel papers and national personality cards, planning, populace dispersion and insights, races, and a lot more elements of the legislature are done by means of dependable I.C.T. foundations. Taking a gander at the private division, there is considerably more use of the I.C.T. types of gear. This division can be further sub isolated into the accompanying classes: 1. Business: • Transport: From Land to air and the ocean, transportation is profoundly reliant on I.C.T. foundations. From Scheduling to declarations, you will consistently discover I.C.T. Take the train benefits for instance, most prepares in the UK keeps running on electric and are booked and checked continuously. Aside from the inside day by day keeps running of this framework, the voyagers are likewise incorporated into the chain by means of web based business, for example, web booking and ticketing; the Visa and charge card available ticket stands are raised for self-administrations and you can likewise get train and mentor plans on your cell phones as short instant messages. • Manufacturing: Most assembling outfits, particularly those associated with the creation of persistent procedure items, for example, vehicles, phones, plastics, dairy items, bottling works, and so on, are connecting with the administrations of various sorts of modern robots for their activity. These robots or programmable generation lines are generally 100% ward, since every day running of them relies upon data conveyed through I.C.T media and the entire exercises is a short time later, logged for records reason and furthermore to screen the procedure and know when the machine ought to be redesignd. • Banking and Finance: Financia>

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