We can work on Folio of Inquiry Activities

Educators can use different types of learning environments and resources to promote and support scientific learning and thinking. This assignment provides you with the opportunity to explore the learning potential offered by a range of different resources and environments.
You are to develop a folio of six teaching and learning activities (250 words each) that demonstratethe use of a range of diverse resources and learning environments. (use the guide below)
Of the six activities, three should be based in an early childhood (0 – 5 setting) and three should be based in a primary (5 – 12) setting.
For each activity, you will need to provide a brief introductory explanation for the design and your pedagogical approach, supported by reference to the relevant literature.
To demonstrate scientific content knowledge and knowledge of skills and processes to implement learning activities within the framework of the EYLF and the Australian Curriculum.

Sample Solution

A pioneer. as consistently stated, is conceived, not made, however administration is absolutely a persistent advancement procedure of characteristics like vision, duty, discipline, trust, uprightness, development, inspiration, expert, commitment, lowliness, innovativeness and so on., inside pioneers. The greater part of these characteristics, if not all, in a pioneer add to the accomplishment of an association. For a presumed business college like Cardiff Business School, picking a pioneer who can shape the yearnings and improvement of the organization to wind up perfect Business foundation is extremely fundamental. and simultaneously multifaceted. Decision of new Dean to supplant Professor McNabb ought to be impacted and enlivened by the realities that how much the new Head can contribute towards the establishment’s accomplishment and perform extraordinarily in the new job. To assess this we need a concise thought regarding initiative speculations and exhibitions. A look on the historical backdrop of administration finds that the writing on initiative and execution can be extensively arranged into various significant stages. (Ogbonna, 2000; Harris, 2000). Early investigations on the initiative aptitudes focused on recognizing the character qualities which described effective pioneers, and are known as ‘characteristic’ thinks about (Argyris, 1955; Mahoney et al., 1960). Attribute hypotheses expect that effective pioneers are ‘conceived’ and that the pioneer has certain intrinsic characteristics which recognize them from non-pioneers (Stodgill, 1948). Ralf Stodgill audited several characteristic examinations (1948, 1974, p.81) over some stretch of time, which can be condensed as the character attributes and other in-conceived characteristics of the pioneer can be recognized and it is conceivable to choose those people and advance them into authority positions, they at that point develop to take control, paying little mind to the social association or authentic setting. Another arrangement of methodology is ‘Set’ and ‘Social’ hypotheses. It abridges about the conduct and style that a pioneer picks or embraces to take care of issues. (Hemphill and Coons, 1957; Likert, 1961). So also the Viewpoint of hypotheses like situational and possibility is that authority viability is reliant on the pioneer’s finding and comprehension of situational factors, trailed by the reception of the suitable style to manage every condition. (Ogbonna, 2000; Harris, 2000). Every one of the speculations checked on above delineate that pioneer assumes a significant job in the advancement and execution of the association. Yet, in the event that one fundamentally assesses the influence that a pioneer has on the association at that point, one can say that the choice a pioneer takes can in some cases be controlled by specific variables. A few people contend that requirements put on pioneers are expected to situational factors. Despite the fact that there have been not many investigations that have an immediate bearing on this significant issue, look into on games associations has would in general help this contention. Practically speaking be that as it may, this contention has laid intensely on the discoveries of only one noteworthy examination that of Lieberson and O’Connor (1972), which has turned into the most normally refered to proof of this issue and which is broadly viewed as the real contrast to the recommendation that administration has any kind of effect. (Thomas, 1988) One progressively key angle to talk about here is that of sex contrasts in initiative, as our fundamental concern is to search for the pioneer that can be Head of Cardiff Business School, we ought not be one-sided to just a single sexual orientation. Male pioneers are appraised as increasingly viable and principled then female pioneers, however A Meta-diagnostic survey of 17 studies analyzing sex contrasts in authority shows that male and female pioneers display equivalent measures of starting structure and thought and have similarly fulfilled sub-ordinates. (Platz, 1986). More and More ladies are getting to be supervisors; this ascent in pattern is a direct result of the government suggestion which denies sex segregation in work. In spite of this ascent numerous people still accept that men are better pioneers. (Bass, Krusell, and Alexander, 1971; Bowman, Worthy, and Greyser, 1965; Rosen and Jerdee, 1978; Schein, 1973) there are some proof to discredit this contention showing that people may vary in character qualities which influences the administration styles and viability. (Hoffman, 1972; Maier, 1970; Megargee, 1969; O’Leary and Depner, 1975; Templeton and Morrow, 1972) Furthermore a few investigations have shown that people contrast in authority practices moreover. (Bartal and Butterfield, 1976; Petty and Lee 1975)>

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