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Assume you are the fire chief needing to purchase 2 new fire engines. Describe in detail the process for getting bids on new fire trucks and ultimate awarding the bid to one vendor

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able to perform the societal roles of men and women that were forced onto them; their mentalities leaving them as outcasts. As a result of analysing the social contexts of Laura’s life, the reader is inclined to draw comparisons in Mrs Dalloway echoing Hutcheon’s theory on intertexts. As above-mentioned, in Mrs Dalloway, Sally and Clarissa share a forbidden kiss which resonates and sticks with Clarissa for the rest of her life and forces her to question her life choices. Another element of intertextuality in The Hours is the kiss that Laura and Kitty share in the kitchen. Laura is in the process of comforting Kitty and embraces her, as she lifts her head they kiss one another. Although appearing to be flustered Laura regains her composure and does not seem to regret the kiss. The kiss that Laura shares with Kitty is portrayed to be one that is desperate for a human intimacy; she feels a disconnection with her husband and so tries to find solace and empathy in Kitty. The kiss occurs for a different reason than Mrs Dalloway‘s with Sally. It is used to further emphasise the deep unhappiness that Laura feels in regards to her relationship and life in general. This is therefore relevant when examining Kristeva’s theory of authors transforming and absorbing texts (1988). Similar to The Hours, Oranges questions the rules of society and the roles of both men and women. One of the main themes throughout the story is Jeanette coming to terms with her sexuality. The Bible, Jeanette’s mother and her community view the world in binary terms; something is good or evil, there is no in between. However, Jeanette’s lesbianism defies these terms and she is rejected by her family and friends, leaving her outside of the binary set of rules. Similar to Laura in The Hours, Jeanette is portrayed to want to go against the traditional roles of women in society and depicts a sense of unfulfillment with her current surroundings. Jeanette’s mother works desperately to try and hide her from the evils of the world, that, of course, being homosexuality and forces her to comply with gender norms. The intertextuality of the Bible is effective as it adds a>

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