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Research on another controversy Company and CEO – Face Book (FB).

“The securities class action against Facebook alleges violations of Sections 10(b) and 20(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as well as Rule 10b-5 promulgated thereunder. Specifically, the action alleges that Facebook and certain of its senior executives misled investors regarding the effect of the Company’s data protection practices, policies, and compliance efforts on its business and financial results. The action alleges that the truth first began to be revealed in March 2018 when newspapers and other media outlets reported that Facebook had breached its own privacy and data protection policies, including by allowing a political strategy firm, Cambridge Analytica, to misappropriate and misuse the data of 50 million–later revised to 87 million–Facebook users between 2013 and 2015….”.

Research the case, and share with me what you have learn from their mistake.

Sample Solution

YouTubers such as Shani Grimmond, Lydia Elise Millen, Sophia Tuxford and Cinzia Zullo are having a great impact on young girls and educating them about all the current must haves and even standing in as the kind of ‘big sister’ on the internet for lots of young people. The vloggers show their lavish lifestyles with all the best products, clothes and holidays. “A new segment of entrepreneurs- fashion bloggers- is utilizing the digital technologies, such as blogs and social media, to transform their personal lives and style into online businesses.” (Findlay, 2015.) The development of a career on Instagram has showed how important social media can be for brands when it comes to advertising and attracting customers. Using these influencers who relate to an audience make the brand seem relatable and make the blogger lifestyle seem achievable if you buy the products of the brand. Another development for social media influencers is the free trips away that they are taken on for new product releases or promotions. Recently high street and high-end brands have been taking these influencers on luxury trips, which can include the Maldives, Ibiza and Coachella festival in LA. These trips are a good way for brands to promote their new products and show that all the best and popular bloggers are using and supporting them. The fashion industry must overcome many challenges all the time, but a recent challenge is technology and keeping up with the constant demand of social media platforms. Online retailers and fast fashion have resulted in the constant worry for brands making sure they are always communicating their new ideas correctly to ensure that the audience is interested and engaged. Burt and Sparks (2003) found that “as a continually evolving market, the widening of consumer demand and changing consumer expectations has intensified this process, meaning retailers should be encouraged to think outside the traditional boxes in meeting the changes of consumers’ behaviour that these shifts have brought”. For these brands to ensure that they are attracting their audience and customers they must partake in research to see what a certain audience’s interests are and what appeals to them, so they can supply the products they want and desire. In terms of audience labour, it plays a huge role in being able to sell no matter how big or small a brand is. “any attempt to put activities of cultural consumption into political economy should be done with the intent of avoiding the dead ends of those past debates” (Schiller,1996; Peck 2006). This shows that the supply and demand theory need to be met in order to have a successful brand, so creating products that will be used by these influencers and then advertised to an audience will prove to be successful. “Soci>

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