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“What selection criteria are most important in choosing people for an overseas assignment? Identify and describe the [one] that you judge to be of most universal importance, and defend your choice.

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Throughout the pantheon of Greek and Roman myth many of the gods are depicted in only one, revered gaze. Zeus on the on the other hand is depicted as many things which include; the ruler of the other gods, a brother, a warrior, a tyrant, a just king, a vengeful deity, an adulterer and a rapist. Zeus embodies what many perceived to be perfect masculinity in antiquity. He was the target of deception and revenge, mostly from his angered wife Hera, but he was the target of many vengeful acts none the less. However the one aspect in Zeus’ canon that is most important in explaining why he was such an important figure in Mythology is that he was depicted as a father, even in myths where he was portrayed in another light such as a warrior or as a son attempting to usurp his father’s position, his patriarchal side always showed in some manner in many of the stories. Zeus’ name in Greek comes from a root word meaning bright. It is interesting to note that the planet Jupiter, which is the same name as Zeus in Roman is typically the brightest object in the night sky, seems to be an interesting etymological comparison. Zeus took control of the sky when the Olympian gods inherited control over the world while his brother’s Hades and Poseidon were given control over the underworld and the Oceans, respectively. Typically Zeus is associated with the lightening bolt, his weapon if choice, as well as the eagle, a majestic symbol of nobility. The Oak tree is also tied to Zeus as it is a sturdy tree that grows for hundreds of years. Zeus was the youngest of the first generation Olympian gods which also included Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon. When he was born Zeus was hidden to grow up on the island of Crete in order to prevent his father, Cronus, from eating him just as he did to his older siblings. Instead of eating Zeus, Cronus was tricked into eating a stone which in turn made him regurgitate all of his devoured children only then to be slain by Zeus who was protecting his siblings. This can be juxtaposed to a father who would protect his children. The Olympian gods ally together and fight all of the Titans from atop mount Olympus, this was known as the Titanomachy. This ten year war was aided not only by the Cyclopes, but the Hecatonchires as well. When the Olympian gods finally won the Titans were then imprisoned in Tartarus.>

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