We can work on Ethnographic Study of Martha’s House


After reading the ethnographic study by Professor Kane and her graduate students, answer the following questions:

1.How were data collected for this study? In other words, identify the different methods used by the researchers to collect qualitative information.
2.How did the literature review inform the design of the ethnographic study?
3.Do you think the study’s use of verbatim quotes from interview transcripts of participants was effective in the report? Why or why not?
4.How were the findings in this ethnographic study analyzed and presented?

Discuss the main points as well as compelling or personally significant aspects of Alice Goffman’s research in urban Philadelphia. Be sure to include the problem statement of her study, the research methods, and findings. Then, explain if you agree that her study was beneficial and valid based on the material covered in the text chapter, other readings about the case, and other videos. Finally, discuss the ethical consideration or problems with Goffman’s study. Do you agree with those ethical issues raised in the two articles.

Sample Solution

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